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Emoluments clause: Could overturning 185 years of precedent let Trump off the hook?

Independence Hall

ProPublica recently took a look at the Emoluments Clause, the provision of the Constitution which seems to ban payments from foreign countries to Donald Trump’s businesses once he becomes president unless Congress consents. But at least one scholar, whose work we inadvertently overlooked, insists that the clause does not apply to presidents, vice presidents or members… Continue Reading →

That time Condi Rice endorsed Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State

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I made the mistake of watching Morning Joe yesterday, and the Bullshit Twins were speaking in awestruck voices about how Condi Rice and Bob Gates (former CIA director and former SecDefense) endorsed Exxon chief Rex Tillerson as Trump’s secretary of state.

I thought that was… odd. Right? I mean, do they really think no actual diplomacy skill is required? It seemed like a big deal.

Well! As it turns out, John Aravois points out that Rex is a client of Condi and Bob’s consulting firm RiceHadleyGates. And Condi didn’t even mention that in her endorsement. (Gates did.)

Just so you know.

McConnell’s investigation isn’t enough

Dear President the United States Mr. Donald Trump , First Lady Mrs. Melania Trump ,Dear Vice President Mr.Mike Pence and Senate Majority Mr. Mitch McConnell

This morning Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell shrugged off calls for a Select Committee to investigate intelligence agencies’ meddling in the election while reassuring everyone that he was sure North Carolina Senator Burr would convene an investigation via regular order. Calling the allegations of Russian meddling “disturbing,” McConnell said the intelligence panel should take the lead,… Continue Reading →

War with Russia isn’t the issue. Treason is.

Dear President the United States Mr. Donald Trump , First Lady Mrs. Melania Trump ,Dear Vice President Mr.Mike Pence and Senate Majority Mr. Mitch McConnell

After reading through a lot of the comments on my post about the various pointers to the obvious; namely, that Russia’s hacks were done with a mind to tilt the election toward Trump with Mitch McConnell’s blessing, I see some are misconstruing the emergency here. This is not about war with Russia. It’s about treasonous acts… Continue Reading →

Checks and balances optional


Who could have guessed that GOP zeal against wrongdoers would so suddenly drop off a cliff?

Darren Samuelsohn asks various republicans about Trump’s massive violations, and gets a series of run-and-hide replies:

Asked if Congress had any oversight role on the potential conflicts connected to Trump’s many businesses, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell smiled and kept walking as he headed off the floor late Wednesday night, declining to say anything at all as he got into a private elevator.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) deflected a question about Trump’s potential conflicts to an aide. “Do you have an opinion on that?” the Iowa Republican asked, before he too stepped in an elevator.

Across the Capitol, the response from some of the chamber’s most powerful Republicans was largely one of indifference.

“That’s beyond my jurisdiction,” said Kentucky Rep. Hal Rogers, the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, which is responsible for dishing out federal funds.

“Not for my committee,” added Texas Rep. Kevin Brady, the chairman of the House Ways and Means that has oversight of the IRS, the controversial agency that Trump famously used as an explanation during the presidential campaign as the reason he couldn’t release his tax returns.

“I don’t think that’s something that…the public is going to hold him accountable” for, said Rep. John Shimkus, an Illinois Republican running to chair the House Energy and Commerce Committee. “I don’t think people are thinking he ran for president of the United States to line his pockets.”

You’d think the famous straight-talker John McCain, who is now 80 years old and
fresh off reelection to a new six-year term in the Senate, might have some ability to exercise independent judgment. But McCain’s stated policy, as revealed to the Huffington Post’s Laura Barron-Lopez, is, “I will not discuss President-elect Donald Trump.” McCain added, “I’m responsible for the people of Arizona.”

It’s not like he is a member of some branch of government that the founders designed as a check and balance on the executive. As far as Republicans in Congress are concerned, they’re all working for Trump now.

Megyn Kelly: Pro-Trump TV hosts colluded to make Trump appear tough

How Much Money Megyn Kelly Reportedly Wants To Stay On Fox News

Responding to Howard Kurtz’ questions about her new book, Megyn Kelly said that TV hosts who supported Trump would collude with Donald beforehand to help give themselves credibility by making believe they were tough on him and called it “play acting.” On Fox News’ Media Buzz, Kurtz asked, “Certain TV hosts were in the tank for… Continue Reading →

BREAKING: The media/corporate complex strikes again

What’s next: FBI unlikely to conclude Clinton email review prior to election

The imaginary email scandal seriously suppressed millennial turnout. The intent was never to help Trump win; he won’t. It was to suppress the down ballot wins. The damage has been done.

This afternoon, Comey said, “Oops, never mind.”

This is what front pages looked like when the original story broke:

What do you suppose they’ll look like tomorrow?

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