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It’s been a rough couple weeks. A sibling had a minor stroke, a kid lost his job, and my brain hurts from processing all the stories emanating from the White House.

If there’s something you especially want me to cover, leave notes in the comments. Thanks!


Young progressives lead ‘Indivisible, the resistance to Trump

Stakeout Outside the Barrington Illinois Office of Representative Peter Roskam 3-16-2017 9560

In the weeks after Donald Trump won last year’s presidential election and Republicans kept control of Congress, Sarah Dohl, with a of friends and former Capitol Hill colleagues, wanted Americans — mostly distraught Democrats — to know that their voices could still be heard. Not expecting much, they published online a 26-page document in mid-December, outlining… Continue Reading →


Is the big Republican attack on our health care doomed?

Trump is ‘short’ on votes to pass Obamacare replacement bill through House

Thursday’s House action on repealing Obamacare-how the GOP majority votes, or if they postpone-will be a defining moment for the Trump presidency and Congress. As Wednesday closed, vote counters in the capital, such as, listed 25 Republican representatives publicly saying they would vote no. House Freedom Caucus leaders, whose members are not satisfied with spending… Continue Reading →


Chris Matthews urges a no vote for Neil Gorsuch; gives the perfect reason


Chris Matthews gets on our nerves many times with some of his pseudo-progressive positions. But he got this one right and explained what many of us have been attempting to explain since Neil Gorsuch’s nomination. And this is why everything at Democrats’ disposal must be used to prevent Trump from picking Antonin Scalia’s replacement. Chris Matthews:… Continue Reading →


Nunes grandstands for Trump, says transition team communications collected

Devin Nunes (R-CA) 20-March-2017, GOP Intel chairman leading Russia probe says he ‘never heard of Carter Page or Roger Stone’. Dev, do some damn reading.

As more bad news rolls out for Donald Trump and his best friend Vladimir Putin, who should step up to run interference but Rep. Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Select Intelligence Committee, with claims that intelligence was collected on the Trump transition team via “incidental collection.” Incidental collection is the term used for communications intercepted… Continue Reading →


Neil Gorsuch made a deal with the devil

I know a Stephen King character when I see one. Neil Gorsuch made a deal with the devil, and now he’s infested by demons that make smug, oily, and downright dangerous.

Meanwhile, in the not-“Russia hacking our election” universe….. At the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings of Neil Gorsuch this morning, Senator Al Franken followed Senator Ted Cruz (don’t get me started) to make an opening statement. Thank goodness Franken is there. — Transcript — [Al Franken addressing Neil Gorsuch] I think it’s important to acknowledge just… Continue Reading →


Saudi Arabia wants Trump to drop 9/11 victims law

World Trade Center at Night

Saudi Arabia’s energy chief revealed Friday that Riyadh anticipated President Donald Trump would repeal a 2016 U.S. law allowing victims of 9/11 to sue Saudi Arabia for the role of its citizens in the attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania in 2001. The oil-rich kingdom’s Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih, who… Continue Reading →


When it comes to Wall Street, Preet Bharaha was no hero

After his election in 1968, President Richard Nixon asked Robert Morgenthau, the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, to resign. Morgenthau refused to leave voluntarily, saying it degraded the office to treat it as a patronage position. Nixon’s move precipitated a political crisis. The president named a replacement. Powerful politicians lined up to… Continue Reading →

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