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CNN reporter defies Huckabee Sanders threat, asks Trump about offensive tweet

CNN's Senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta

During another press pool spray of Trump showing off his autograph, CNN’s Jim Acosta was ignored by Donald when he asked what he meant by his sexually suggestive and offensive tweet to Sen. Gillibrand. As Trump was departing, Acosta asked, “Mr. President, what did you mean when you said that Kirsten Gillibrand would do anything for… Continue Reading →


Congress plans to cut tax write-offs for disaster damage


Congress is planning to limit taxpayers’ ability to write off losses from wildfires and other disasters. The disaster write-off is one of the many little-known deductions that would be mostly wiped out in the Republican tax plan, but it’s getting new attention because of the fires that have devastated parts of Southern California over the past week. Continue Reading →


Rumor has it

Trent Franks

That the NY Times and the Washington Post are working on stories involving 20-30 members of Congress for sexual harassment.

Makes me wonder how many of them will resign before the stories comes out.

Like this Freedom Caucus member, Trent Franks, who was supposed to run for the Senate — but suddenly remembered he had to resign last night.

It sounds like it’s good old Blake Farenthold’s turn next.

Trump supports accused child molester for his tax plan vote

To those liberals who say Al Franken should resign for alleged butt grabbing, let’s take it down to the basics. We are fighting people who are willing to circle the wagons and support a child molester to get enough votes to pass their horrendous tax-theft bill. Under those circumstances, it’s a positive good to keep Al… Continue Reading →

A ‘reckoning’ for Bill Clinton? Don’t forget Starr’s $70 million probe

Former President Bill Clinton Lives a Vegan Lifestyle

Suddenly it has become fashionable again in liberal circles to flay Bill Clinton for his sexual misconduct, whether real, alleged, or imagined. Amid the national frenzy swirling around the likes of Harvey Weinstein and Roy Moore, prominent journalists and politicians are competing to display their dudgeon over the former president and things he is said to… Continue Reading →

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