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Senator David Perdue doesn’t “do” Townhalls …

Senator Perdue does not prefer to do Town Hall meetings, as he prefers more “one on one” meetings with constituents (donors and businesses.)

So, he has “Office Hours” events that he does not attend as had his aids there on his behalf. There are some people that thought that just wasn’t acceptable and decided to show up (about 175) at his event in McDonough, GA, a town just south of the Atlanta sprawl. This place is not a Democratic stronghold by any means. This is the second “Office Hours” during the recess, the first one on Grensboro, GA, a joint event with Senator Isakson and Congressman Jody Hice. That meeting had overflowing crowds that were pretty darn vocal.

Local activists and advocate are planning more demonstrations calling for Town Halls by Senators Perdue and Isakson during the recess.
I haven’t seen Georgia get so fired up since the march in Forsyth County in 1987.

Glad to see it.


It’s not just Trump. This is who the Republicans are.

Republican Mitch 'turtle head'  McConnell

So far President Trump has signed very few bills. One lets coal companies dump waste into streams. The other lets oil companies bribe foreign dictators in secret. And he is moving to block a Labor Department “fiduciary rule” that requires financial advisors to act in the best interests of their clients when advising on retirement accounts.… Continue Reading →


100 Trump voters on why they voted for him

Trump hits back in feud with Scandinavian nation. I did NOT make up a terror attack in Sweden!!

Some of my friends were very annoyed with me for sharing this, but I thought it was interesting.

I do understand that a lot of people are doing badly after the crash, and I don’t confuse a lower unemployment rate with good jobs. About half of the people I know are still running just to stay afloat, let alone get ahead.

But some of these voters are open to voting against him. I think it’s a good idea to listen to them.


How Dems might get control of PA again

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

We will take our good news wherever we can get it:

Both parties now face a test: what wins in a contest between the idealism of reform and the practicality of politics?

For Republicans, their members and base have long clamored to shrink the legislature. Will they do it, with the chance in hand, despite the potential downside? Or will the effort stall out? (Or suffer sabotage, for example if it is amended in a way that sends the process back to square one?)

State Rep. Jerry Knowles (R-Schuylkill) is the sponsor of the shrink-the-legislature amendment this session as he was last session. He is keenly aware that some colleagues would prefer to see the proposal disappear. But he says some things are more important than short-term political gain.

“I have heard the arguments and concerns, but I believe it’s a good bill. I’m doing it for the reason that I think it’s the right thing to do. In good conscience, what am I going to do? Pull the plug? The people of Pennsylvania should make the final decision,” he said.
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Turns out Rand Paul’s ‘principle’ is party over country


In case you thought there were patriotic Republicans left, let me introduce you to Senator Rand Paul, who admitted in an interview that party matters more than country. You see, in Rand Paul’s world, investigating Michael Flynn’s interactions with Russian officials while a civilian and with an eye to undermining the current U.S. president is “excessive.”… Continue Reading →

Puzder withdraws nomination for Labor

Se retira Andrew Puzder, designado por Trump en Departamento de Trabajo

Labor Secretary nominee Andrew Puzder has issued a statement withdrawing from the nomination process, according to reports. His withdrawal comes as news broke that up to twelve Republicans were planning to oppose his confirmation. Rather than face defeat, he withdrew before his confirmation hearing. Writing for the Washington Post, Aaron Blake characterized his withdrawal as a… Continue Reading →

NYT: Trump campaign was in ‘repeated contact’ with Russian intelligence officials

Trump Treason

Tuesday’s press conference led off with this question and answer between Jon Karl and Sean Spicer. .@PressSec Sean Spicer tells @jonkarl nobody on the Trump campaign had contact with Russia before the election – ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) February 14, 2017 Karl pointed to a January statement where the Trump transition stated that nobody… Continue Reading →

Backing Wall Street, GOP moves to stop states from helping workers

Republicans have long campaigned on “states rights” promises — but in the opening days of the new Congress, GOP leaders are working to help the party’s financial industry donors try to block states from providing workers with low-cost retirement savings options. This week, Republican Reps. Tim Walberg (MI) and Francis Rooney (FL) introduced legislation to rescind… Continue Reading →

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