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Brickyard blues

Maria Muldaur:


Lowell George:

Back home again

My PC, I mean. Chris replaced the motherboard and the fan, and put in a great big new honkin’ power supply. He kept showing me the innards and trying to talk to me about core temperatures and heat spreaders, and I said, “Uh, is there any special reason you’re showing me all this? I already believe you that the heat sink is properly seated.” Really, I just care if it works.

“I just want you to know I did everything right, but the core temperatures are all the same and they shouldn’t be. I can’t figure it out.”

Tonight we checked them and they’re all fine. Hallelujah. Thanks to everyone who helped. It really sucks, not having a job.

For a dancer

And somewhere between the time you arrive
And the time you go
May lie a reason you were alive
But you’ll never know.

Jackson Browne:

Real live socialism

How do we get some?

Spare a thought for the heads of French public companies who are having to dig deep and find their inner patriot after the new Socialist government issued guidelines limiting CEO pay to 20 times that of the lowest paid worker.


Got a good beat, you can dance to it! Maroon 5:

Book of Obama

Ted Rall on his new book at Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle. Ted’s a very interesting thinker (as you already know if you’ve followed his cartooning career), and I’m already reading the book. Here’s the talk he did, including the Q&A at the end:


It seems to be a theme this week!

Librul media

I suppose I could point out that anyone who took a job with Politico should have realized the unwritten rules, but it’s a tough job market out there and I can’t blame a guy for taking any job he could get. I guess he has a better understanding now:

Suspended Politico reporter Joe Williams on Monday accused conservative publications like the late Andrew Breitbart’s Big Media and Tucker Carlson’s The Daily Caller of acting like a “schoolyard bully” by deliberately targeting him after he said GOP hopeful Mitt Romney was more comfortable around “white folks.”

Speaking out for the first time since Politico suspended him indefinitely, Williams told Current TV’s Bill Press that Big Media used “selective evidence” from comments about Romney on MSNBC and his Twitter account because they were in the business of “gathering scalps” from the so-called liberal media.

“It became about me and not about what I said,” he explained. “And that was something that was common to a lot of what you talked about earlier: Chris Hayes, David Shuster, the list goes on. And, you know, now my name is on that list. But the problem I see here is it’s not going to stop there.”

“Part of the issue here is the fact that we have an organization — we have a couple of organizations that have very clear agendas,” Williams continued. “They’re funded — we don’t quite exactly know how, but, certainly, they get their money to do what they do. Their agenda is quite clear. Their agenda is to make enough noise, to push back hard enough that organizations — independent organizations, independent news organizations that have foundations, that have credibility to their name — fold.”

“Basically it’s the schoolyard bully concept where if you make enough noise, if you push back hard enough, people are not going to fight back. … They’re in the business of gathering scalps.”

When it comes to the comments about Romney, Williams did not seem eager to apologize.

“If I apologize for that, there are going to be many other people who have to as well because this is not a new sentiment,” he pointed out, noting that the phrase “white folks” had been like waving a red flag in front of a bull. “To me in my personal opinion at this point, those two words were the ones that set people off. You know, ‘white folks,’ ‘Mitt Romney.’ It’s a match to a tender keg to certain segments of people who decided they want to push back on what they believe is the liberal media.”

‘Powerhouse intellect’

You know, while I’m not a lawyer, I’m pretty damned smart (smart enough that they made me take my 6th-grade IQ test over) and I know how to think – as foggy as my brain can be at times. And I have to say, I’ve never once thought Tony Scalia was particularly brilliant.

He reminds me of the drunken judge I used to date, someone who would talk around me in endless circles and I’d finally stop listening. (Which he always took as agreement.) Scalia’s a bully, and thinks might makes right. (In his case, he managed to appoint a president.)

As to the whole “strict constitutionalist” claim to fame – well, even if I believed it (which I don’t), the fact is, no one is capable of interpreting anything without a filter. No one. I’m well known for being maddeningly detached sometimes, but I’d never claim I wasn’t biased. Everyone is.

So we have a right-wing bully at the rhetorical wheel of the Supreme Court. Can’t wait to see what kind of twisted logic he comes up with tomorrow.

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