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Soon after the recent earthquake, a talking head joked that the Washington Monument had been damaged, but no one was sure yet if it was leaning left or right. Turns out the sucker really was damaged

It’ll all work out.

Book I’m reading.

I first got into considering copyright law by way of knitting blogs, and discussions of pattern sharing. (Many, many flame wars.) “Common as Air; revoluton, art, and ownership”, by Lewis Hyde, is a discussion of intellectual property and the ways history and geography have created to consider the products of the mind.

Hyde quotes Thomas Jefferson as saying,” The field of knowledge is the common property of mankind.” (And oh, do I want to fling that at some teapartier, some day.) Of course, the idea of “commons,” appearing in places like Creative Commons, is discussed. A mention is made of the World Trade Organization persuading Saudi Arabia to reform their views regarding bootlegging, which is traced back to Islamic law, in which a thief who stole a book was considered to only steal the paper and ink, because the ideas were not tangible property.

I think Susie has mentioned the fierce competition and industrial spying in the fashion world, and how it has invigorated the field. Talking about reworked plot lines, Ursula K. LeGuin said something like, “We all stand on the shoulders of giants,” leading us to consider Jung’s archetypes. Steve Job’s retirement will probably prompt some discussion of who owns what, and why. Like I said, I’ve only started the book, but it looks like a thorough review of a complicated subject. I hope it at least touches on the power of money and how the drive to get money has influenced the consideration of ideas. I’m looking forward to getting deeper into this book.

My Michael Jacksonian compound was breached, and my precious photos of Leezza were stolen and defiled by marauding desert rats. Can you get me a book contract?

Bernie Sanders, the independent U.S. Senator from Vermont, makes passionate statements in support of working people then backs them up with legislation such as a bill that would strengthen Social Security without cutting benefits.


Hurricane Prep

Well, it looks like I’m the only guy posting at SG this morning. Not for long though: I have to head out to get my hurricane prep. I’m already stocked up on propane for my grill, and minicanisters for my camp stove and lantern, but I need extra D-cell batteries, extra mantles, and perhaps some duct tape in case the winds are as strong as they’re predicting.

The phone just rang. It was my parents, who have been ordered to evacuate New Jersey. They are coming here.

Looks like I’d better hit the liquor store too…

I’m having trouble with words.

This will be an issue in ten days. They expect you to form sentences at college. I can still take pictures, though.

Old pier and new dock, lakefront.

Night moves

Bob Seger:

Morrison swaggered well enough to do justice to the Howlin’ Wolf classic “Back Door Man.” The Doors actually gave credit where it was do, to songwriter Willie Dixon, on the record. (Too often in those days, rock and roll bands simply stole the great blues songs.)

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