Tribes win!

Wow. I’m so used to seeing NDNs screwed by the courts, I almost can’t believe it. And Gorsuch sided with the liberals? I mean, based on the law, he should — but SCOTUS frequently ignores the law, so I’m surprised.

‘White power!’

Of course Trump retweeted this:

Breaking news

Decided on narrow grounds, but it’ll get us past the election. What a relief. Whew.

I read from one lawyer that a consequence of this narrow decision will be to make it harder for Biden to reverse any regulatory changes Trump made that haven’t yet been enjoined.  (labor and environmental areas.)  Says he’s sure Roberts is aware of that effect.

There’s a catch

There are several religious freedom cases pending before SCOTUS — and odds are, they’ll carve out an exemption.

An interview with David Bowie

As any kid who grew up in the 60s and 70s will tell you, in order to love black artists, first you have to hear their music. That was the magic of that era’s Top 40 stations. And that’s why Bowie was pushing MTV VJ Mark Goodman so hard in this interview — they made the decision to cut off viewers from a huge chunk of our musical heritage. Were there any white artists they thought were too shocking to play? We already know the answer: