The pill

Gilead is coming


I just can’t understand why this is being revisited …

My father was an OB-GYN. While he was no fan of elective abortion, he understood that women have reasons for them. (He did not perform elective abortions.) My father was a huge advocate for birth control. His time as a Naval Flight Surgeon in China back before the Communist takeover influenced him to his specialty. Bringing babies into the world was his passion.
If only there was an analogous procedure that men went under or a situation that they bear the brunt of the responsibility, then I will listen.
Keep it safe. Keep it legal.
If you don’t want or “don’t believe” then don’t have one.
It is just that simple.
The biggest solution is access to appropriate birth control for a woman’s body and her situation.
Don’t tell ANY woman what her future responsibilities should be, especially when we don’t hold men to the same standard. I am so SICK of this argument.
And don’t give me the “you have never been a mother” blah, blah blah …
Yes, I haven’t had any children, because I CHOSE not to have any.
I never wanted to raise kids. I never thought my uterus was supposed to be obligated to be a baby factory.
And there is nothing wrong about that.

And I have my reasons that I don’t have to discuss to any person except my partner, who felt the same way when I was in my birthing years.

Of course, on this forum, I am preaching to the choir

Wicked Witch of the Midwest

Someone throw a bucket of water on her! I can’t believe she’s still around, being evil: