Deja vu

While there certainly were Russian bots pushing Sanders back in 2016 (it was part of my job to track them), and most assuredly they’re there again, it’s really disingenuous of Bernie to insinuate his online supporters aren’t known for attacking people — because they’re people we know. Some of them are members of his senior staff. So he should clean that shit up, and not hide behind the Russians. Both things are true.

Nice try, Alan…

I don’t claim to be a great legal mind or anything, but, really? Hooboy, this is a jaw-dropper.

Dershowitz said there were three possible motives for a quid pro quo in foreign policy: the public interest; personal political interest; and personal financial interest.

In the end, he argued, only the latter instance is corrupt.

“Every public official I know believes” their election “is in the public interest,” Dershowitz added.

Only the best people, Part 829