Trump wants to revoke press passes from those the White House deems ‘unprofessional’…

This thin-skinned turnip head would not know what a “professional” journalist was unless he gets insulted by “good question.”

Peter Alexander gave a softball question and Trump lost his ever-loving mind

I can’t even watch the White House pressers any more because Trump is so obnoxious.

I’ll watch the important parts on YouTube.

Trump just does not get what is really important here…

I just finished watching Georgia’s Governor Kemp detail what his task force has put in place to fight Covid-19. It was a striking list, but, fell short of “shelter in place” across the board. Local elected officials are putting in place stricter rules in localities that are hot spots.

Apparently, Trump is having a real hard time grasping the idea that this isn’t going to pass in a few weeks. Trump can’t campaign or control the markets and it is making him furious.

Senate stimulus bill stalled…

Trump is a snake-oil salesman

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

And he’s always peddling what we used to call in the software business “vaporware.” Basically, tell the customer your product does everything you want, and then you have to build and deliver the damn thing.

Like his promises yesterday about a treatment for coronavirus. A Talking Points memo reader who’s a physician explains:

Remdesivir is currently an infusion drug only- meaning you have to be in a hospital hooked to an IV.  The ongoing clinical trials are all in hospitalized patients.

The enrolled patients are those with evidence of lung disease, meaning that some damage is already present. There is no way that the infusion will ever be a practical solution for the vast majority of infected patients (not in hospitals).

There is an oral preparation, but it is only now being tried in Phase 1 studies, meaning being determined if it is even safe for human consumption?

I certainly hope that they do not rush the oral drug to market without even knowing if it is safe. Think Thalidomide, COX inhibitors, Gepants.

We are at least a year away from effective treatment, unless some miracle cure in existing drugs is identified.

I know people are scared, but there was a lot of false hope today….
Best solution is prevention, aggressive public health measures, handwashing, physical distancing.