Under His eye

Also known as “it can’t happen here.”

The Antichrist is here

I’ll bet his female “spiritual adviser” told him to do this…

The end times

The Family

It’s on Netflix, I strongly suggest you watch it. I found it too intense to binge, but very informative about the right-wing theocracy’s plans to take over the world — despite what others claim.

I do agree that not everyone associated with the group is part of the strategy — after all, evangelicals have forced politicians to kiss up to them to get elected — but this country was founded on freedom of religion and some people insist this should only be a “Christian” nation. (Without actual Christian values, of course.)

Women are baby factories

When I was a reporter, I had to cover the anti-abortion people, and almost all of the biggest activists were motivated by the fact that they or someone close to them couldn’t get pregnant. One of them even told me how much it upset them to see these “sluts” having abortions when there were decent families “like us” waiting to adopt them.