I’m Looking Through You

I assumed for many years, because of the scorned and scornful tone of the lyrics, that this was a John Lennon song. Actually, Paul McCartney wrote most of it. The fact that he’s lead singer should have tipped me off. John plays acoustic rhythm guitar and sings back-up.

Footnote: Paul is 69 and sounding a bit ragged (check out the Grammy Awards), but so what? The Beatles’ records will never get old.

Some ‘Rain’ to stay sane in Philly

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Some people don’t like the rain, as the Beatles noted in 1966. Not me. I’ll take the rain over the heat, and I feel fortunate to be far from Texas, where a record drought continues despite Rick Perry’s rain dance back in April.

The Philly heat seemed to break most emphatically last Sunday, when a morning drizzle turned into a downpour that rarely let up until evening. I took a break from writing to go for a run in the late afternoon after I dug through the rubble in my basement and found a big ugly bill cap to keep the rain off my glasses.