Indiana’s union-busting law

Indiana Republicans have passed their “right-to-work” law. It was promptly signed by Gov. Mitch Daniels, who delivered the GOP’s rebuttal to this year’s State of the Union speech. The good news is that Daniels, a front man for corporate interests who has the looks and charisma of a soft-boiled egg, is in the final year of his term and can’t run again.

Also, ThinkProgress noted that Indiana had a “right-to-work” law on the books before, for eight years until is was overturned by the legislature in 1965. This time, Indiana Democrats fought passage of the new law by trying to make “right-to-work” a referendum issue…

…but Republicans, perhaps realizing that such a plan might lead to an ugly repeat of history, blocked those attempts. With studies showing that right-to-work is bad for workers and won’t actually help Indiana, however, Hoosiers may be yearning for a repeat of 1965 sooner rather than later.