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Monthly Archive for July, 2012

You can close your eyes

Kate Taylor:

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Trouble in the fields

For the farmers. Nanci Griffith:

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Shelley’s boyfriend

Bonnie Hayes:

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Uh huh

I’m sure he was well paid for his “principles.”

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Fire and rain

There I was, sitting on the stage of the old Electric Factory while James Taylor performed for me and my friend. Sigh…

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Not my imagination

We really are getting much bigger storms in my neck of the woods.

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I had a dream a couple of weeks ago where I saw this weird UFO-like plane crash into the trees behind the Philly Folk Festival. It looked just like this.

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I guess things could be worse

We could have 300 million homes out of power.

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Barbarians at the gate

I thought this New York magazine article was pretty interesting, go read it all: It’s strange to imagine someone like Greene, who counts Mike Tyson as a close friend, and who has a streak that caused the L.A. party girls to refer to him as “Mean Jeff Greene,” feeling vulnerable. It’s hard to think of […]

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