If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a music fan (or you want something for yourself), you probably can’t go wrong with Keith Richards’ memoir “Life.” (It’s a couple of years old now, so make sure your giftee doesn’t already have it.)

The book is co-written with rock journalist James Fox, but it reads exactly as what you’d imagine spending months with Keef might be like.

There’s some minor dish (sounds like Keef was much more of a mensch than Mick ever was), but the surprise of this book is how specifically and deeply Richards digs into the music itself. (His descriptions of the early blues aficionados in England are hysterical.) This is a guy who just loves music, and speaks intelligently about it. Not only that, he includes useful tips for guitar players!

It’s a sprawling, exhilarating book and I can’t imagine the rock fan who wouldn’t love it.

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