Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol

This adaptation of Charle’s Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol” was TV’s very first animated Christmas special, and it’s still a memorable one. It’s a musical, and the songs are written by Jule Styne (music) and Bob Merrill, who shortly thereafter went on to write the songs for “Funny Girl.” (Trivia: Jack Cassidy – David’s dad- was the voice of Bob Cratchit.)

Who can forget the pain of young Ebenezer, left alone at boarding school as everyone else went home for Christmas, as he sang “I’m All Alone In The World”?

One Response to Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol

  1. JJ December 10, 2012 at 7:58 pm #

    Styne and Merrill’s second Christmas TV musical, “The Dangerous Christmas of Little Red Riding Hood,” stars Liza Minnelli, Cyril Ritchard, Vic Damone and the Animals. It should be watched only under the influence of drugs…

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