Those civilized Brits

They apologize for allowing a political assassination while at the same time pretending it’s not their fault. Classy!

The review, published on Wednesday, found RUC officers proposed Mr Finucane, 39, be killed, said they passed information to his killers and failed to stop the attack and then obstructed the murder investigation.

• There were extensive “leaks” of security force information to the UDA and other loyalist paramilitary groups.

• There was a failure by the authorities to act on threat intelligence.

• Employees of the State and State agents played “key roles” in the murder.

• There was a failure to investigate and arrest key members of the West Belfast UDA over a long period of time.

• There was a wider “relentless attempt to defeat the ends of justice” after the murder had taken place.

Sir Desmond found that “senior Army officers deliberately lied to criminal investigators” and that RUC Special Branch “were responsible for seriously obstructing the investigation”.

It also found that an Army intelligence unit, the FRU, “bears a degree” of responsibility because one of their agents, Brian Nelson, was involved in selecting targets.

However, it concluded that Nelson did not provide his handlers with details of the plot against Mr Finucane.

It found that MI5 received intelligence two months before the killing that Mr Finucane was under threat but that no steps were taken to protect him.

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    That British accent covers up a lot of ills.)

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