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In my never-ending quest to find some hopeful news (because this line of work really sucks the joy out of you), I ran across this story from Laffy at the Political Carnival. Seems that some years ago, pop singer Usher founded something called the New Look Foundation, and now he’s teaming up with Accenture to develop leadership skills in teens around the world:

Usher’s New Look, a non-profit organization founded by Usher Raymond IV, today announced their partnership with Accenture to help New Look reach its goal of training and certifying 50,000 youth as global leaders. The effort reflects Accenture’s Skills to Succeed corporate citizenship initiative.

Over two years, Accenture is supporting New Look with a more than $900,000 contribution, which includes a cash grant as well as pro bono support to develop iLEAD – an online, interactive, curriculum-based platform that will provide data management and tracking for students and parents as they move through New Look’s four leadership pillars – talent, education, career and service.

Through the iLEAD platform, New Look will be able to better track the progress of enrolled students. It will also support developing leaders in schools, raising graduation rates and preparing youth for college and career readiness.The platform will align with national public school, career training and development standards.

It’s always nice to hear about a celebrity who wants to give something back, who uses his fame and fortune for something besides partying and extravagant living. Hopefully this program will plant seeds that will sprout and spread.

And maybe Accenture can make a large enough deposit in the karma bank to make up for past sins.

2 Responses to Good karma

  1. Tom January 18, 2013 at 9:11 am #

    The trouble is that psychopaths and sociopaths rise to the top in the corporate world. Does Monsanto care about you? How about the TBTF banks – are they concerned about your welfare? General Electric? General Mills? United Airlines? McDonalds? Disney World? The media? Insurance companies? The medical field?

    The reason why is due to the reason for corporate existence – to make money – is the bottom line; and when that line rubs up against environmental concerns, health issues, political or social resistance, ethics, and legality (among a long list of other issues), “lesser,” more humanized people would not be able to fight for the company at all costs (and they have tons of money) and using whatever means possible that psychopathic people do routinely to get their way.

  2. jawbone January 19, 2013 at 12:46 pm #

    I get the feeling the reason Swartz was attacked so harshly was that he was a role model for young people, showing there were ways to circumvent the information monopolies. He had to be taken down.

    Death or prison, either way worked for the Powers That Be. Just the indictment worked to silence him in many ways.

    If Usher’s foundation shows signs of making any real difference, something will be found to take it and him down. Probably.

    Yes, I’m getting so much more skeptical and cynical as I get older….

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