Pesky questions

What someone should have asked John Brennan during his confirmation hearing:

And why did the SEALs kill the unarmed bin Laden, when it would have seemed strategically wiser to exert every effort to capture him alive? Imagine what stories this Saudi black sheep could tell! To explain why he was summarily killed, we were first told that he was armed, then we learned he was not, then that his fate was left up to theSEALs themselves.

Brennan—who ran the National Counterterrorism Center for George W. Bush while Bush was seeking re-election in 2004 and pushing the “terror alerts” button like crazy—has plenty of questions to answer.

One Response to Pesky questions

  1. imhotep February 12, 2013 at 10:32 am #

    Capturing bin Laden alive would have been the height of idiocy. Brennan is the perfect man to be running the CIA. Anyone who volunteers to join the military and then chooses to became an assassin—they call them snipers—is not an American hero. Democratic Senator Carl Levin put this language into Section 1021 of the NDAA: The President is authorized to indefinitely detain an American citizen as an enemy combatatant without the benefit of habeas corpus or trial. See Chris Hedges v. Obama.

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