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A comment at the New York Times:

How has a country that fought a bloody war to give its people the right to be free from an entitled monarchy gotten to the point where it believes an entitled business elite should dictate the rights of all?

How have we gotten to the point where we ignore our old, our children and squeeze our workers to further the interests of corporations? And how do the Republicans when challenged with the failure of their policies, double down and say we didn’t push hard enough?

What has happened to the values for which we fought to carve out our own nation?

I sit here today wishing we hadn’t fought to escape the grip of Europe. We the People, who work every day and only hope to one day retire in modest comfort and see our children educated and happy, live every day in the balance wondering if the next illness, the next attack by the government on behalf of a huge greedy corporation will wipe our our meager nest egg. The people of Europe have no such concerns. They know they will be taken care of because their government functions for their benefit not the aggrandizement of their Corporations.

Every decision made in Congress is made to further our descent into the third world fueling the ever growing machine of greed. And the media confuses and obfuscates to keep the ruling elite in power.

We have lost our way and at this moment in history the path seems too remote to ever locate again. The grand experiment to put the power into the hands of the people has failed.

3 Responses to Thought for the day

  1. Ron February 17, 2013 at 3:50 pm #

    I think I’ll print that out and send it to my Congress critters.

  2. tsisageya February 17, 2013 at 7:38 pm #

    Please! The NY Times is a whore. Where have you been?

  3. guest February 18, 2013 at 6:25 am #

    How simplistic The people of Europe? Does the writer think Scandinavia represents all of Europe?
    We Americans are just no more screwed than our cousins in mother England; and when their commodity bubbles are burst, Canada and Australia will find their leaders selling them out too. English speaking Oceania will be in fascist harmony.
    The governments of Ireland and Spain sold their populations into perpetual debt slavery to bail out their banksters (and indirectly the banks of France and greater Germany), who borrowed too many Euros so they could finance housing bubbles.
    Greece’s government borrowed too many Euros so their rich could go untaxed in the good times, and flee the country (with all their money) when the turds hit the turbines.
    And much of eastern Europe has imposed austerity on its people to please the creditors in the EU.

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