Military sexual assault conviction overturned


Lt General Craig A. Franklin, a U.S. Air Force Commander, has overruled and tossed out a military court jury’s decision that found Lt. Colonel James Wilkerson guilty of sexually assaulting his subordinate, a woman service member who serves in the Air Force as a physician’s assistant. The assault occurred while the victim lay sleeping.

“Franklin’s decision to set aside the verdict freed Wilkerson after four months in a South Carolina brig, erased his conviction and restored the F-16 pilot, who’d been selected for promotion, to full-duty status,” Stars and Stripes reported.

“Lt General Craig Franklin, commander of the Third Air Force based at Ramstein in Germany, exercised his discretion under the Uniform Code on Military Justice and concluded that the entire body of evidence was insufficient to meet the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. As the ‘convening authority,’ Franklin, who did not interview the victim, was not required to provide further explanation for his ruling and his disposition is final,” the Guardian UK reports.

2 Responses to Military sexual assault conviction overturned

  1. lless March 12, 2013 at 7:09 pm #

    Executive justice is an oxymoron. This is how military tribunals have always worked. Jury trials are so twentieth century. Remember 9-11 changed everything.

  2. Eurotrash March 13, 2013 at 12:18 am #

    Someone ought to fuck him in the involuntary ass. With a condom so as to not leave any ‘beyond any reason of doubt’ evidence.
    Do damage though, as if….. nah, I cannot even endorse that. A vengeful mind may wish that, however NOBODY deserves to get raped.
    Not even shitheads like him.

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