The call for rational economy

Michael O. Church:

The most interesting right-wing movement in the United States is the nascent Tea Party. While I disagree with them vehemently (as a left-libertarian, and also as one who favors science over emotional argument) I will give them credit for this: at their intellectual core (and, yes, there is one) they are aggressively anti-corporate.

Post-2008, Americans get that the Corporate System is not a meritocracy, not rational, and not even real capitalism. It’s designed to provide the best of two systems (socialism and capitalism) for a well-connected social and increasingly hereditary elite, regardless of merit, and the worst of both systems for everyone else.

For themselves, they create an economic arrangement in which they can derive enormous personal benefit from random variables that exist in the economy, but at the same time build and jealously guard a private social-welfare system that ensures they stay rich, well-positioned, and well-connected even if they fail. For the rest, they provide mostly downside, displacement, and discomfort.

A perfect metaphor for this is air travel. Well-connected people get discounted or free air travel, special lounges in the airport, and access to comfortable private aviation. The rest of us get Soviet-style service and capitalistic price volatility: the worst from both systems.

2 Responses to The call for rational economy

  1. imhotep March 13, 2013 at 11:08 am #

    The T-bag Party is nothing more than a political movement based on the political theory of anarchy, but ‘without’ the benefit of a conscience. They believe in strict individualism. Survival of the fittest. Community means nothing to them. The Commons is for them a Commie plot to take their stuff. Libertarians in general have never thought through what being a Libertarian actually means.

  2. Ohio Mom March 13, 2013 at 5:56 pm #

    Well, I actually know a family that helped found the Cincinnati-area TP and none of them have an anti-corporatist bone in their body. Also, they are nothing but the worst type of social Darwinists. They believe that if you have private jet, you deserve it, and if you’re on the Greyhound bus, you deserved that.

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