India: Men gang-rape woman, smash skull with bricks

Our Cops Are So Busy That The Criminals Are No More Scared Of Them..

An Indian woman was gang-raped and then brutally murdered by men who smashed her skull with bricks after she had threatened to inform authorities, police in the northern state of Haryana said on Monday. Two men were arrested for rape and murder in Sonipat town, and six more were being investigated after the victim’s mother accused…

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  1. Imhotep May 16, 2017 at 1:41 pm #

    North Korea’s top trading partners are: China, India, and Saudi Arabia. In that order.

    Trump will be traveling to Saudi Arabia on Friday.

    For Trump to have a successful trip to Saudi Arabia, the Saudis must announce that they are suspending all trade relations with North Korea and are granting full equal rights to the women of Saudi Arabia.

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