One Response to A river called denial

  1. Imhotep December 29, 2017 at 11:42 am #

    Moore obviously sees himself as a soldier in God’s army.
    Just like Mike Pence and the anti-Semitic Republican clown running against Paul “Ayn Rand” Ryan in Wisconsin do.

    The KKK, anti-abortionists, neo-Nazis (all a part of Trump’s base) and ISIS all believe that they are doing “God’s work.”

    Which begs the question about how Trump’s anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi supporters feel about him getting so cozy with Netanyahu and the Israelis?

    We know that Trump’s Evangelical Christian supporters are ecstatic about his Jerusalem announcement, because it brings Armageddon and the conversion or death of the Jews, one more step closer to reality.

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