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The Golden Domes of the Cathedral of the Annunciation

It’s almost funny, how many secretive Russian connections they have. Isn’t it?

Newly revealed intelligence shows Russian officials discussed meeting with associates or advisers to Donald Trump in 2015 just months before he declared his candidacy to become president, the Wall Street Journal reports.

At that time, intelligence analysts didn’t really know what to make of the intercepted conversations, since Mr Trump was a global celebrity who had done business in Russia before. In light of recent emails posted on Twitter by Donald Trump Jr that detail a conversation to facilitate a meeting between himself and a Kremlin-connected lawyer in June of last year, intelligence officials are taking a second look.

Current and former intelligence officials told the Wall Street Journal that, since Mr Trump had produced the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow, and had sold properties in the country, they weren’t alone alarming.

But, they were puzzling, and had people asking each other, “What’s going on?” one former official said.

Trump has secretive teams to roll back regulations, led by industry hires


This story was co-published with The New York Times. President Trump entered office pledging to cut red tape, and within weeks, he ordered his administration to assemble teams to aggressively scale back government regulations. But the effort — a signature theme in Trump’s populist campaign for the White House — is being conducted in large part… Continue Reading →

DeVos invested in defense contractor while her brother crafted Afghan war policy

What we just learned from Betsy DeVos’s painful appearance before Congress

Department of Education Secretary and billionaire heiress Betsy DeVos invested in a defense contracting firm owned by her son-in-law at the same time her brother was helping the Trump administration craft a new Afghan war strategy — one that called on the military to use more private contractors. Betsy DeVos invested between $100,000 and $250,000 in… Continue Reading →

Everyone’s nightmare: Jamesville nursing home fined $16,000 over abuse

Nursing Home/Day Care Center

I don’t know what’s worse: Putting your parent in a facility where you have to worry, or being the person who’s trapped in an abusive facility:

The state of New York recently fined a Jamesville nursing home $16,000 for failing to protect residents of the home from being sexually abused by other residents.

The fines were a result of a state inspection conducted at the Iroquois Nursing Home last April where it was discovered that the facility failed to protect other residents in the dementia unit from two male residents who had histories of sexually abusing and being aggressive with other patients. The two men also had histories of abusing staff.

According to the report, in a 30-day period, one of the men exhibited aggressive, inappropriate, and sexually abusive behavior at least ten times.

Experts on nursing homes say they are seeing an alarming increase in these types of cases. Data from the New York Health Department appear to confirm that, with at least six substantiated cases of resident-on-resident sexual abuse over a three-year period.

There have also been multiple studies conducted on this serious issue. Cornell University conducted a study that surveyed over 2,000 nursing home residents in 10 homes throughout the state.

The study found that one in five nursing home residents had been a victim of at least one aggressive and negative encounter with other residents in the prior four weeks.

Nursing home residents who are a threat to other residents and staff usually suffer from some type of mental disability – such as Alzheimer’s disease – but are still physically able to get around.

One of the major causes of these incidents, experts say, is that many of these facilities are understaffed, leaving some of the most vulnerable members of our society unprotected.

Upon hearing of the fine the nursing home received, the third largest in the county in the past 10 years, Richard Grungo commented, “It is the duty of every nursing home facility to protect its residents. When families place their loved ones in a home, they expect – as they should – that their loved on will be well taken care of and protected. These cases of resident victimizations are unacceptable.”  

Oopsie! Boy, is Junior in trouble now!

Russian hackers/FSB have breached U.S. nuclear and energy networks

NRC Executive Director for Operations Tour of Palo Verde

Breaking news coming from the Washington Post Saturday night regarding Russian hacking. No, this isn’t election hacking. This time it is much worse. Now they are in the nuclear and energy companies systems. U.S. government officials have confirmed that the cyber intrusions into the networks were fishing expeditions designed to “assess their networks.” The Washington Post… Continue Reading →

The Medicaid threat that isn’t getting much attention

Speaking on Medicaid

This story was co-published with NPR’s Shots blog. No corner of the health care system would be harder hit than Medicaid, the federal-state health insurance program for the poor, if Republican leaders in Congress round up the votes to repeal major portions of the Affordable Care Act. GOP lawmakers have proposed winding down the Medicaid expansion… Continue Reading →

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