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Car Plows into Crowd of Occupy D.C. Protesters in Northwest: MyFoxDC.com

Unconfirmed reports are that the car that struck a human blockade of protesters was a silver Lexus. Protesters were out for an “drive-in” event that featured the showing of a movie about the Koch brothers on the side of the building where a conservative event was being held and blocked traffic:

WASHINGTON – At least three Occupy D.C. protesters have been hit by a car at 7th and K Streets in northwest around 9:50 on Friday night.

Police say the car hit the first group, then kept driving, and hit a third person before it was stopped. Two people have been taken to the hospital.

A FOX 5 photographer on the scene says protesters have surrounded the car and are shouting “Shame!”

I wonder why the cops let him go?

You don’t know me

Ben Folds with Regina Spektor:

The wind that blew my heart away

The Fruit Bats:

Can I stay

Ray LaMontagne:


Richard and Teddy Thompson:


David Gray:

Occupy Philly at Romney appearance today

Watch live streaming video from occupyphiladelphia at livestream.com

How long will this smooth-talking, well-groomed little monster allow the Zuccotti Park protesters to persist like a shadow on the people who wrecked the economy, and to remind Americans that he, the “independent” Mike Bloomberg, condones and defends what they did? More here.

Damn it feels good to be a banksta

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