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Tearstained eye

Son Volt:


The Jayhawks:

Peace, love and happiness

G. Love and Special Sauce:

All you fascists

Billy Bragg & Wilco:

Encore presentation

Tonight’s a rerun! My guest on Virtually Speaking Susie is Dave Johnson, blogger and troublemaker!

Virtually Speaking Susie |  Susie Madrak talks current events with Dave Johnson about the stock market and the Democratic leadership and the Congressional Super Committee. | Listen on BTR.

This land is your land

Bruce Springsteen:


Airport scatter x-rays are banned in the European Union.

The world turned upside down

This Billy Bragg song has, of course, been running through my head all day. Gee, wonder why?

Militarizing the police

Go read Digby.


Feeling sick. Stomach cramps, running a fever, feel like crap and it’s making me cranky. Arghh.

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