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Stormy weather

Lena Horne:


Bob Dylan:


He really is the world’s biggest asshole:

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) is insisting that “any potential emergency disaster aid be offset by spending cuts.” Huffington Post reports that “Cantor spokesman Brad Dayspring on Friday declined to say where Republicans would look to make cuts to pay for a potential storm aid package.” Speaker John Boehner’s spokesperson “ducked the question altogether when asked if Boehner agreed with Cantor’s call for offsets for emergency aid.” Boehner and Cantor’s position is “a break from a bipartisan tradition” of immediately appropriating funds to help those in need following a natural disaster.

‘Only’ a Cat 1

Here you go

A hurricane strikes Sesame Street!

Indian summer

Beat Happening:

‘Liberal ‘ Bloomberg

Rikers Island will not be evacuated.


It’s so humid out that even though it’s only 78, it feels like the worst of the summer heat waves. It literally feels like hot soup.

But here, have a picture of last night’s sky!

Max Keiser

Explains why the Wall St. bankers wanted American’s bonds downgraded:

We’ll all be ‘Rain Dogs’ soon

Good post by Brendan on Friday. More essentials for weathering a monster hurricane…

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