Easy money

This goes out to the NRA and all their funders. Hope they managed to scrub all that blood off their hands today:

The nearness of you

In Keef’s autobiography, he tells how flabbergasted he was to get a phone call from Hoagy Carmichael, telling him that Keith’s version of his classic song is the way he always heard it in his head:

I don’t know if this is real

But if it is, it’s breaking my heart. It was allegedly written by a seven-year-old who wrote it during the lockdown, and was killed. But people are nuts and do all kinds of fucked-up things when a tragedy happens, so I just don’t know:

What Obama must do about guns

David Remnick in the New Yorker:

Barack Obama has been in our field of vision for a long time now, and, more than any major politician of recent memory, he hides in plain sight. He is who he is. He may strike the unsympathetic as curiously remote or arrogant or removed; he certainly strikes his admirers as a man of real intelligence and dignity. But he is who he is. He is no phony. And so there is absolutely no reason to believe that his deep, raw emotion today following the horrific slaughter in Connecticut—his tears, the prolonged catch in his voice—was anything but genuine. But this was a slaughter—a slaughter like so many before it—and emotion is hardly all that is needed.

What is needed is gun control—strict, comprehensive gun control that places the values of public safety and security before the values of deer hunting and a perverse ahistorical reading of the Second Amendment. Obama told the nation that he reacted to the shootings in Newtown “as a parent,” and that is understandable, but what we need most is for him to act as a President, liberated at last from the constraints of elections and their dirty compromises—a President who dares to change the national debate and the legislative agenda on guns.

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