Tonight’s debate…

Tonight’s Democratic debate will be held at Tyler Perry Studios in the former Fort McPherson in southwest Atlanta.

Local and statewide Democrats are excited about tonight’s debate. Many believe Georgia is to become a battleground state in 2020.

ICYMI, Volker “adjusts” testimony …

It appears that there have been a few changes in Kurt Volker’s testimony from the closed-door hearing on October 3.

Here is a handy chart to compare Volker’s October 3rd testimony to other witnesses.

Today, Ambassador Sondland.

Who wore it better?

I just wish some of these GOP House Intelligence Committee members would do a small bit of research before making these kinds of jabs.

As part of their efforts to undermine Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman’s testimony Tuesday in the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, Republicans raised the issue of him wearing his Army uniform while testifying…

Rep. Scott Perry, R-Texas, suggested that it was only appropriate for Vindman to appear in uniform if he wears it daily during his work at the NSC, but if he didn’t, he shouldn’t wear it while testifying.

“When you’re wearing the uniform testifying, that testimony is then linked to the United States military, good or bad,” Perry told CQ Roll Call during a break in Tuesday’s hearing. Vindman’s testimony was full of “opinions counter” to his commander in chief, Perry said.

Let’s just clear this up.

There you have it!

Obama alums accused of leaving nastygrams …

While the most serious of House Intelligence Committee public hearings are going on in Congress Stephan Grisham, White House press secretary, claims that Obama alums left hidden “nastygrams” to incoming Trump officials predicting the new administration’s failure.

No one in the administration can produce any of these nasty notes.

I’ll hold judgment until Trump officials show these “you will fail” notes