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March from Tahrir Square

To the American Embassy today, in support of Occupy Oakland.

Must. Hit. Head.

Bill Daley, asshole.

Not even in war zones

Crowd control in Oakland broke all the rules.

‘How I got off my computer’

“And into the streets at Oakland.” Beautiful. Go read!

Romney lies faster than I can type

Yesterday I wrote, “The pious Mr. Mitt has been telling a new lie each day concerning where he stands on workers’ bargaining rights.” Meanwhile, Romney was in my hometown, serving up another whopper to directly contradict his statements on another subject. More here.

Deja vu in Oakland

The OPD are a tad violent, it seems.

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan doesn’t seem like someone who would lie in a weasel-y way (hello, Mitt Romney) about her agenda. She just seems like she’s in over her head. More here.

Makes sense

Telling businesses they can forget about paying their taxes has created so many jobs already, right? And really, shouldn’t old people just die on the street in a cardboard box?

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House has voted to make it harder for hundreds of thousands of people to qualify for Medicaid under the president’s health care overhaul.

Lawmakers voted 262-157 to include Social Security and railroad retirement benefits in the formula that determines whether people qualify for the aid.

The Congressional Budget Office says that would knock 500,000 to 1 million people off coverage by the federal insurance program for the poor — though some would qualify to buy coverage under new insurance exchanges.

The budget office has estimated the change would save about $13 billion over the next decade.

The House wants to use those savings to pay for the repeal of a law that pressures government contactors to fully pay their taxes.

‘You know what you did.’

“You took our stuff. Now give it back.” Why #OccupyWallStreet has left Washington (and the media) behind.

We are the 99%

The Declaration of the Occupation, set to music and performed by Reverend Billy & The Stop Shopping Choir:

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