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Raising the Medicare age

Yep, it was Obama’s idea. His and that little turd, Lieberman.


Cantor couldn’t come up with even $2 trillion in spending cuts.

Don’t be mean

The Raincoats:

Just a guess

That the dispute involved infidelity!

Oh come on

I don’t think this anti-gay Republican who was allegedly caught making the homosexual sex with his gay assistant is really gay, because after all, being a homo is a choice, right? I think his assistant just said, “How can you condemn it when you haven’t even tried it?” And being a fair-minded Godly man, he did.

So he’s not gay. Having sex with men doesn’t mean anything. God made your eyes to look at women’s breasts, everybody knows that!


Wonderful. Here’s hoping today’s recall primaries get rid of the fake Dems the GOP is running:

Chester Community Meeting

ACTION NEEDED ASAP: Tell John Boehner to end tax breaks for the ultra-rich & stop pushing America’s economy to the brink of disaster..

Wednesday, July 13 ยท 4-7pm

Abu The Juice Man
632 Avenue of the States
Chester, Pennsylvania

We elected our public officials to create jobs. Where are the jobs?

We’re holding a meeting of Chester residents who are concerned about the jobs crisis in Pennsylvania. We’ll be talking about how we can organize, mobilize, and get the word out about creating good jobs in our community.

We will also have a list of available services for community members struggling with unemployment.

For more information contact Kim McMurray:
(610) 940-4709 (office)

The Costanza principle

At this point, anything would help.


Matt Stoller, blogger, former economic policy staffer for Alan Grayson, and all around know-it-all (I keed! I keed!), will be my guest tonight on VVS at 9pm EST. I kind of suspect we’ll be talking about the debt ceiling kabuki…

Click here to listen. As always, call 646-200-3440 with questions or comments.

What Keith said

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