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Rick Santorum is a liar

by Susie
And so is his wife. I mean, if I didn’t already know he belongs to a religious group (the C Street Fellowship) that says it’s okay to lie to get into power, I’d figure it out from this:

Appearing on Piers Morgan last night, Rick Santorum’s wife, Karen, tried to address concerns that her husband is “anti-woman,” noting that when she went on a book tour several years ago, he supported her by staying home “changing diapers and making meals and cleaning the kitchen.” She went on to promise women that, if her husband was elected, they would have “nothing to fear” when it comes to the issue of contraception:

KAREN SANTORUM: It makes me really sad that the media tries to do that to him. They try to make it look like he is something that he’s not. Rick is a great guy, he’s completely supportive of women, he’s surrounded by a lot of very strong women, and I think women have nothing to fear. When it comes to contraceptives, he will do nothing on that issue.


PIERS MORGAN: When you say he’ll do nothing on the contraception issue, do you mean that, if he was to become President, that he would basically respect a woman’s right to have contraception if that’s what she chose to do?

KAREN SANTORUM: Absolutely. And he has said that.




In fact, Rick Santorum has made a point of attacking contraception at several points during the campaign. Last year, he pledged that, if elected, he would end federal funding for contraception, arguing, “It’s not okay. It’s a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be.” Santorum has also claimed that states have the right to ban birth control, in defiance of a Supreme Court ruling, and dismissed it as a “minor expense” despite the fact that a year’s supply of the Pill could cost up to $600.

While polls show that most Americans do support women having access to contraception, Rick Santorum and the other Republican candidates have taken the opposite stance throughout the campaign. The notion that women have “nothing to fear” from a Santorum presidency does not match up with his rhetoric.


by Susie
You know what’s really great about these poll results? Public Policy Polling asked how voters reacted to Elizabeth Warren being labeled as a “Harvard professor,” and most independents and Democrats reacted favorably. Ha, ha! A set of polls earlier this month showed Brown with a seven-point lead, but it looks like that’s no longer a problem:

PPP’s newest Massachusetts poll finds Elizabeth Warren leading Scott Brown 46-41.

Brown is not proving to be an overwhelmingly popular Senator. 45% of voters approve of the job he’s doing to 42% who disapprove. That’s actually up a little bit from a 44/45 spread on our last poll in September. Republicans love him, giving him an 80/7 approval spread. But his appeal to Democrats and independents is not what it once was. At the end of his first year in office Brown was nearly running even with Democrats, with 35% approving of him to 41% who disapproved. Now he’s at 23/63 across party lines. And although he remains popular with independents at 53/34, it’s not the 61/25 rating he enjoyed with them at the end of 2010.

In the head to head with Warren, Brown has the GOP base completely locked up 89-3. And the 17% of Democrats he’s winning is comparable to the 19% we found him getting against Martha Coakley in 2010. But he’s only up 48-36 with independents, a far cry from his 64-32 advantage with them against Coakley, and that’s the main reason he trails by this narrow margin.

Warren is reclaiming the middle from Brown. We find her up 42-40 with moderate voters, a group that we found Brown leading Coakley 55-41 with. She’s also inspiring a lot of enthusiasm from young people. 56% rate her favorably to 27% with an unfavorable view, and she leads Brown 56-29 with them.

Warren’s name recognition is up to 79%, from 62% when we last polled the state in September. Her negatives are actually rising faster than her favorability number. She’s gone from a a 40/22 spread to 46/33. Democrats (66/15) are pretty enthusiastic about her but she’s not showing much crossover appeal, registering at 13/69 with Republicans. Independents are pretty evenly divided with 39% rating her favorably and 38% unfavorably.

Voters are more comfortable with Warren ideologically than they are with Brown. 51% say that her views are ‘about right,’ compared to 44% for the incumbent. She’s probably also benefiting from the fact that 54% of Massachusetts voters think the Republican Party is too conservative, compared to only 41% who think the Democratic Party is too liberal. Although only 35% of voters think Brown himself is too conservative, the bad image of his national party has to be rubbing off on him at least some.

Wooden skyscrapers

by Susie
What a cool idea. No, really – much smaller carbon footprint.

Sauce for the gander

by Susie
Let’s hear it for local boy and state Sen. Larry Farnese, who’s decided PA’s ultrasound law should be met with similar legislation for Viagra users:

Farnese called the female ultrasound bill “unnecessary and humiliating.”

“No woman should be forced to undergo a transvaginal ultrasound if they don’t want or need the test. But for some reason, the Republicans in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives think that their degrading legislation is the right thing for female patients who are rightfully accessing their protected health services,” said Farnese.

“I’m submitting legislation that will require men to undergo a few similarly invasive tests in order to show that this effort is ridiculous and that we should be protecting and expanding, not watering down, health services for women.”

Farnese’s legislation would require male patients to:

  • Be given a full prostate exam and undergo a cardiac stress test.
  • Submit a signed affidavit from a sexual partner stating that the patient suffers from erectile dysfunction.
  • Participate in sex therapy to determine if there are nonphysical reasons for the individual’s condition.
  • Watch a video detailing the side effects of erectile-dysfunction medication.

The bill also would require physicians to provide the patient with written proof that he will benefit from using the medication and that there are no other potential medical or psychological causes of his impotence.

90 degrees in the winter

by Susie
This is what climate change looks like.

Blame the hippies and their free love

by Susie
For making priests do things like this:

BRUSSELS — A young man in the care of the Roman Catholic Church in the Netherlands was surgically castrated decades ago after complaining about sexual abuse, according to new evidence that only adds to the scandal engulfing the church there.

The case, which dates from the 1950s, has increased pressure for a government-led inquiry into sexual abuse in the Dutch church, amid suspicions that as many as 10 young men may have suffered the same fate

Big Brother is watching

by Susie
So let him look at this!

Table and chairs

Andrew Bird:

Surging toward another snafu

by Odd Man Out
From Consortiumnews.com:

As the Afghan War grinds toward another U.S. military defeat – on the heels of the forced departure from Iraq – Official Washington remains in denial about these failed neocon strategies, still preferring to embrace happy myths about “successful surges” and ignoring the actual outcomes.

More here.

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