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No myth

Michael Penn:


Connecticut cleans up campaign financing and actually starts legislating for the common good. How bizarre!

The weight

Wilco, Nick Lowe and Mavis Staples:


How the credit-card industry robs restaurants — and dares them to try to get the money back.

The new blue collar

Working in the warehouse.

Chris Christie, liar, liar

And this is always where Republicans have the advantage: They’re shameless. They will do or say anything in the service of their goals, and nobody’s better at it than Chris Christie. He knows what he’s saying is crap (does anyone really believe that Obama is happy about Occupy Wall Street?) and he certainly didn’t “create” 60,000 jobs in New Jersey (*see below), but that doesn’t stop him from spouting whatever works:

On Sunday night in Exeter, it was official: There just might be no politician in America better at shouting down protesters than Chris Christie.

Turning out a crowd of hundreds at Exeter High School for a Mitt Romney rally just two days before Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, the New Jersey governor drowned out a pack of Occupy Wall Street protesters who piped up at various points with chants of “Mitt kills jobs” and “Christie kills jobs.”

“Oh really,” Christie replied in acid tones when protesters began the chant. He pivoted to an attack on President Obama, accusing him of dividing the country and fueling the anger of young people like those being shouted down by Romney’s supporters.

“I have a message for you, Mr. President. This is the type of disoriented anger your cynicism and your division is causing in our country. Bring our country together — stop dividing it, Mr. President,” Christie shouted. “On second thought, Mr. President, if you’re up there in the family quarters of the White House, put your feet up and don’t worry about it. Mitt Romney is going to bring America together.”

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Good thing I buy the generics, huh?

BASEL, Switzerland – Novartis is recalling some bottles of Excedrin, NoDoz, Bufferin and Gas-X Sunday over concerns that the bottles could contain stray pills from other medicines, or chipped or broken tablets.

The news follows Novartis’ recent decision to temporarily suspend production at its Lincoln, Neb., plant for “maintenance and other improvement activities.”

The Swiss drug maker said it implemented the recall, which affects U.S. retailers, voluntarily and is working with the Food and Drug Administration during the process. It became aware of the potential problem during an internal review that identified broken and chipped pills, and inconsistent bottle packaging that could cause pills to be mixed up. The company said it wanted to make sure that customers didn’t take any pills that they might be allergic to or that might become dangerous when mixed with their other medications, though it also said that there have been no such reports from consumers.

Novartis said that some of the bottles of headache medicine Excedrin and caffeine caplets NoDoz with expiration dates of Dec. 20, 2014, or earlier will be subject to the recall. Some of the packages of pain medicine Bufferin and stomach medicine Gas-X with expiration dates of Dec. 20, 2013,or earlier will also be affected.


Tom Ardolino, 56, NRBQ drummer.


I’ve lost 50 pounds now (not all of it on purpose, lately) and I’m almost at the weight I was when I hurt my ankle. Many pounds still to go, of course.

The down side? I’ve discovered that, after years of being complimented on my youthful skin, I do indeed have wrinkles.

Pity the billionaire

Chris Hayes interviews Thomas Frank:

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