Yep. This is exactly what Obama has been up to:

This “permission structure” business illuminates the centrist Democrats approach to revoking the New Deal.  Bi-partisan commissions, historic presidencies, hostage-taking, tribalism are all tools for obtaining permission to violate core values that poll really, really well.

I told you before that I know for a fact that the White House was working with the Petersen people to push Social Security cuts. But they’re not as clever as they think they are, because they’re having a lot of trouble convincing the tattered remnants of our economy to complete the job and slit their own throats.

Routine stop

Even though I don’t trust most cops as far as I can throw them, I generally like them and I respect the job they do, because shit like this can happen at any given moment — especially these days:

MIDDLEFIELD, Ohio — Police here said today they still do not know why James Gilkerson jumped out his car and began firing at Middlefield police officers who had pulled him over after Gilkerson had run a stop sign in the village.

They did say Gilkerson fired 37 rounds from an AK-47 rifle on March 10, and that the two officers fired back with 54 rounds of their own, killing the Mentor-on-the Lake man.

Police showed the dash cam video of the shootout during a news conference. They also distributed a statement from the Lake County prosecutor saying the shooting by police was justified and the matter would not be taken to a grand jury.

“He got of the vehicle, intending to kill my officers. We don’t know why he did it,” said Police Chief Arnold Stanko.

Stanko said police found eight, 40-round magazines for the AK-47 in Gilkerson’s car along with a number of books and magazines about militias and terrorism.

The names of some of the literature were “Backyard Rocketry: Converting Model Rockets Into Explosive Missiles,” “Advanced Close-range Gun Fighting,” “Homemade Detonators: How To Make Them.” Another described how to get rid of a dead body.

“He was a scumbag, and a terrorist, and he’s dead,” Stanko said.

Compare and contrast

I read that the funeral home tasked with handling arrangements for the Boston bomber is having trouble finding a cemetery that will take the remains. (He also has protesters outside his establishment.)

I’m thinking about Margaret “Milk Snatcher” Thatcher’s recent going-away event. Apparently the trick is, if you’re going to kill people, do it slowly and to enough people that you can’t possibly show them all on YouTube. Then you qualify for a multi-million dollar extravaganza!

Now, I don’t really care about funerals and the ceremonies that go with them. Just cremate me and get it over with! But it strikes me as incredibly mean (and yes, stupid) to add to this family’s pain by denying their son a final resting place.

I love it when this happens…


The Drudge Report thought a satire piece in the Daily Currant about Mayor Bloomberg being refused a second piece of pizza at a restaurant in Brooklyn was real.

The Drudge Report splashed a photo of Bloomberg eating a slice of pizza with the headline “No Pizza For You!” before taking it down moments later.

The site isn’t the first to be fooled by “The Daily Currant.” The Currant’s fake report about Paul Krugman going bankrupt was picked up by Breitbart. Its version of events had the Nobel Prize-winning economist racking up bills on his American Express black card at Tiffany’s, and buying rare Portuguese wines and 19th century English cloth.

It is one of the best humor sites with fake news.

I’d link Breitbart and Drudge, but, why send them the traffic? Then, again, a bet the comments at those sites would be funny as all get out…..



Gee, I wonder why

Yes, losing your job, your house, your life savings, your health insurance and any semblance of economic security might have something to do with it. Ya think?

Suicide rates among middle-aged Americans have risen sharply in the past decade, prompting concern that a generation of baby boomers who have faced years of economic worry and easy access to prescription painkillers may be particularly vulnerable to self-inflicted harm.

“It is the baby boomer group where we see the highest rates of suicide,” said the C.D.C.’s deputy director, Ileana Arias. “There may be something about that group, and how they think about life issues and their life choices that may make a difference.”

More people now die of suicide than in car accidents, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which published the findings in Friday’s issue of its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. In 2010 there were 33,687 deaths from motor vehicle crashes and 38,364 suicides.

Suicide has typically been viewed as a problem of teenagers and the elderly, and the surge in suicide rates among middle-aged Americans is surprising.

Surprising to whom? The well-paid denizens of the Village’s NYT chapter?

From 1999 to 2010, the suicide rate among Americans ages 35 to 64 rose by nearly 30 percent, to 17.6 deaths per 100,000 people, up from 13.7. Although suicide rates are growing among both middle-aged men and women, far more men take their own lives. The suicide rate for middle-aged men was 27.3 deaths per 100,000, while for women it was 8.1 deaths per 100,000.
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Things fall apart

Even for Jamie Dimon! Not that he’ll go to jail, of course. That’s not for Very Serious People.

Government investigators have found that JPMorgan Chase devised “manipulative schemes” that transformed “money-losing power plants into powerful profit centers,” and that one of its most senior executives gave “false and misleading statements” under oath.

The findings appear in a confidential government document, reviewed by The New York Times, that was sent to the bank in March, warning of a potential crackdown by the regulator of the nation’s energy markets.

The possible action comes amid showdowns with other agencies. One of the bank’s chief regulators, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, is weighing new enforcement actions against JPMorgan over the way the bank collected credit card debt and its possible failure to alert authorities to suspicions about Bernard L. Madoff, according to people who were not authorized to discuss the cases publicly.
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Clarence the clown

God, Clarence Thomas is such a liar. “I’m not into politics,” he says. “I don’t do politics. I don’t like politics.”

No, Justice Thomas, I’m sure you and Ginny sit around and talk about the latest episode of “Gray’s Anatomy.”

Now, I happen to agree with him about one thing: A black president would have to be someone approved by the media and the elites. But to insist he’s not political? Hah.

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