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Straight Arrow

This one’s for Mitt Romney — buttoned down, clean-cut and thoroughly corrupt.

NYT columnist David Brooks recently cited Mitt Romney’s plan to semi-privatize Social Security and Medicare and link these programs to Wall Street as proof that Romney is “the serious one” among Republican presidential candidates. More here on the audacity of these buttoned-down bozos.

‘Media have become servants to power’

Glenn Greenwald:

Cops beating Occupy students at Berkeley

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at livestream.com

And in the meantime, students at Penn State are rioting because their football coach was fired over not reporting child rape to the police. Oy.

Give it up or let me go



Bonnie sings Randy:

I can’t make you love me

Bonnie live:

Love has no pride

Happy birthday, Bonnie – one day late:

Fortunate son


Minnesotans confront Wells Fargo CEO

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