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I have been here before

Essra Mohawk:

March 10 Photo Challenge…… Loud

These young women were part of the “Loud and Proud” Girl Scouts that walked across the Eugene Talmadge Bridge in Savannah, GA today in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Girl Scouts.

‘We’ve got your back’

By Susie
Maybe if Obama would stop assuring them that we’ll back them no matter what, the Israelis would stop doing things like this. Lots of teenagers and children being described as “militants” killed in the attacks. Of course, Obama would be the last person to lecture the Israelis on assassinating people.

Kony 2012

It’s complicated – very complicated. Read this before you send any money to Invisible Children, because there’s a good chance they’re making it worse.

Don’t forget

By Susie
Turn your clocks ahead tonight!

Time and love


Several thousand

Jim Boggia live:

Whenever you’re on my mind

Marshall Crenshaw:

Mr. Blue Sky

Mayer Hawthorne’s great cover:


Elliott Smith:

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