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Tough luck, fellas

Obama picks Republicans as U.S. Attorneys in Texas.

Chasing pavements


Maybe so, maybe no

Damn, this white boy has soul. Meyer Hawthorne:

Tomorrow’s gonna be a better day

Billy Bragg:

Tiny dancer

Sir Elton:


I just came back from the public pool and what was supposed to be a water aerobics class. “The city told us we’re not allowed to segregate the hours by age anymore,” the lifeguard told me. “My boss is trying to get an exemption to see if we can reinstate the class.”

So instead I walked up and down the pool for a half-hour. Better than nothing, right? And it felt good to move my ankle without weight on it.

UK unions walk out

Nurses speak out

About abuse in maternity wards.


A semi-truck stuffed with petitions delivered nearly 1.3 million signatures to the Ohio Secretary of State on June 29 in order to put union busting SB5 up for a citizen’s veto. Thousands of Ohioans marched through the streets of the capitol in the People’s Parade to deliver the signatures, which were over five times the number needed to get the bill on the ballot for a public referendum.

Mine’s bigger

Sure, why not? It’s not as if there’s real people on the other end of those numbers:

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) announced Wednesday that Democrats had finally reached an agreement on a budget plan.

His announcement came as the leadership met with President Obama to inform him that their members had unified around a message for the debt-limit showdown.

Conrad’s proposal, which he said he plans to introduce as soon as next week, would cut more than $4 trillion from the deficit, a greater reduction than what Obama’s fiscal commission had recommended.
“We’ve reached an agreement after weeks of work,” Conrad told The Hill on Wednesday afternoon. “I think it’s big.”

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