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Some ‘Rain’ to stay sane in Philly

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Some people don’t like the rain, as the Beatles noted in 1966. Not me. I’ll take the rain over the heat, and I feel fortunate to be far from Texas, where a record drought continues despite Rick Perry’s rain dance back in April.

The Philly heat seemed to break most emphatically last Sunday, when a morning drizzle turned into a downpour that rarely let up until evening. I took a break from writing to go for a run in the late afternoon after I dug through the rubble in my basement and found a big ugly bill cap to keep the rain off my glasses.

Magic in the air

Badly Drawn Boy:


Patti Smith:

It’s good to see something by Nat Hentoff, who wrote for Village Voice when it was worth reading and is still fighting the good fight against people in powerful positions who violate the law of the land.

Dedicated to the one I love


All I want

Joni Mitchell:

Lover you should have come over

Jeff Buckley:

I know it’s over

The Smiths:

Who knows where the time goes

Sandy Denny’s original home demo:


PJ Harvey:

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