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Born this way

Lady Gaga:


I saw an interview the other day with meteorologist Dr. Jeff Masters, and he noted that while they had the track of the storm right, they still need to collect more data to learn how to forecast intensity – and that takes money, the kind everyone wants to cut now:

Better intensity forecasts of hurricane are possible, but it will take a large investment in hurricane research over an extended time to do that. Such an effort is underway; we are currently in year three of a ten-year program called theHurricane Forecast Improvement Project (HFIP), funded at just over $1 million per year.

The goals of the HFIP are to reduce the average errors of hurricane track and intensity forecasts by 20% within five years and 50% in ten years with a forecast period out to 7 days. In an interview I did last fall with the leader of the project, Dr. Frank Marks of NOAA’s Hurricane Research Division, he expressed to me optimism that the program could meet its objectives, provided it remains fully funded. Some of the experimental computer models developed by HFIP have done very well so far during the 2011 hurricane season, so I see reason for optimism, too.
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It gets better

I don’t know if I’m the reason this got done, but I sent a request from a gay fan to my relative who works for the Phillies, she passed it along and now they’ve done it. Yay!


Anyone can change voter files now — and they frequently do. Wheee!

Just an idea.

I know that nobody has any money. But.

The shelter here in town has run out of funds to help clients buy furniture and housewares, so if you have anything like that you might consider calling your local domestic abuse or homeless shelter. Our local community support program has a new kitchen but no kitchen stuff – another place to think about in your community.

Volunteering labor would be great, too. Shelters have plumbing and electrical wiring and things that need to be nailed in place or tilled up or whatever.

Blah, blah, blah

New Obama housing “initiative.”

The only way they can win

Is when they lie, cheat and steal. And they’re planning to do it even more now.

Just plain crazy

42-year-old Michael Allison of Illinois could spend the rest of his life in prison for recording police in public. He faces five counts of eavesdropping, a class one felony. Of course, the police are allowed to video people in public with impunity.

The Illinois Assistant Attorney General has joined the case and told the judge that citizens do not have the constitutional right to record police.

Man, nothing I hate more than an asshole prosecutor:

Illinois Man Faces 75 Years In Prison For Recording Cops

See also: Federal Court: recording cops an unambiguous first amendment right

Calliope calling

The wonderful Amber DeLaurentis:

Because I Am Sorry For that Last One

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