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Soul Kitchen

I had dinner last night at Jon Bon Jovi’s Soul Kitchen, in Red Bank NJ. This is the place where people who don’t have the money to eat in a real restaurant can work in exchange for a meal, even for their whole family.

I have to say, I was bowled over by the place. First of all, it’s very attractive. As Bon Jovi points out, this is not a soup kitchen. You eat at a table set with real dinnerware and cloth napkins. Everyone who works there is so warm and lovely; you literally can’t tell the difference between the donors and the guests. And the food was fabulous. (They grow their own greens and herbs in an organic garden out in front of the former gas station.)

We were seated at a table with two retired couples from northern NJ, and they liked the food as much as we did. I had a perfectly done pork chop in apricot sauce with roasted vegetables; my friend had a catfish po’ boy sandwich. The other people raved about their vegetable Napoleon, sandwiched with slices of eggplant.

The volunteers were great. Our waitress works three shifts a month, she told us. (She said she’d work four, but her day job schedule won’t let her.) A volunteer musician sat in a corner and played alto sax; the guy was so good, I thought I was listening to the radio – until I finally saw him.

What a great experience. I’m still smiling.

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Janis at Monterey:



I hope that I don’t fall in love with you



So now that they’ve ruined this country, they’re moving onto others. Providing free interns to staff-poor legislators is a no-brainer that also happens here in the good old U.S. of A.! Not that there could be any possible problem with underfunding staff and then filling those slots with donated wingnuts. Too bad progressive groups don’t have that kind of money:

A Christian charity which sponsored a conference promoting the idea that gay people can be converted to heterosexuality has funded interns for an estimated 20 MPs, including some who are now ministers in the coalition government.

The Christian Action Research and Education charity (Care) has provided staff to the parliamentary offices of Caroline Spelman, Alistair Burt and Steve Webb. In 2009 it sponsored a London conference about homosexuality and Christianity which included sessions on “mentoring the sexually broken”. The event in London was also organised by Anglican Mainstream, one of the conservative Christian charities that was blocked this week from showing adverts on London buses that supported the idea that with therapy, homosexual people can become “ex-gay”.

The conference featured a keynote by Joseph Nicolosi, a Californian psychologist and founder of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality. The organisers said they were “very worried about the continued progress of the gay – and in fact the LGBT – agenda across the board in the UK. Social, cultural, political and religious sectors are being targeted and most of them are capitulating”.

Joe Klein

Seems like every blogger has a Joke Line (say it fast) story and this is one of the best.


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Dixie Chicks:

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