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By Susie

The composer of “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” died.

Awaiting on you all

By Susie

George Harrison:

Game on

By Susie

Campaign song for Rick Santorum, via Brendan:

By Odd Man Out
They’re calling it a “bounty” scandal, but I must be missing something. Aren’t all NFL players — all those who play defense, that is — rewarded for “inflicting injuries on opposing players” while trying to keep the opposing team from scoring points? More here.

The right’s Karl Marx

By Susie
Ayn Rand.

Her psychopathic ideas made billionaires feel like victims and turned millions of followers into their doormats.

Pinky Masters (318 Drayton Street, Savannah, GA.) Infamous waterhole. Everyone’s welcome!


Looks like many of them are not working today.

Alert for PA voters

Please call your state senator’s office TODAY:

The Pennsylvania Senate is poised to vote on legislation that will disenfranchise thousands of voters — possibly as early as next week when the Senate returns from recess.

House Bill 934, which was passed by the state House last summer, would deprive voters of the right to cast a ballot if they do not show a valid state-issued photo ID card, with only a few limited exceptions.

This will particularly affect non-drivers (senior citizens who no longer drive, persons with disabilities, and residents of urban communities who travel by public transit), and the challenge of securing a non-driver photo ID card from PennDOT will be costly, difficult, and impossible for some.

Supporters of the bill have been unable to show any evidence of voter identity fraud in Pennsylvania, because safeguards against fraudulent voting are already in place in our state.

Worse yet, the legislation will cost Pennsylvania taxpayers millions to implement.

Long lines at polling places are likely to form, leading other voters to simply give up and go home.

You know what they’re trying to do. Pick up the phone and call!


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Happy birthday

Bob Wills, of the Texas Playboys:

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