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Occupy (We the 99)


I was going to post a rant regarding an insipid New York Times story in which Wall Street types were asked to comment on the Occupy Wall Street movement. Thankfully, NYT columnist Paul Krugman beat me to it:

On Saturday The Times reported what people in the financial industry are saying privately about the protests. My favorite quote came from an unnamed money manager who declared, “Financial services are one of the last things we do in this country and do it well. Let’s embrace it.”

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Of course

That’s one way to get rid of student protests, I guess:

Chile has given nearly 57,000 18-year-olds one month to report for potential military duty, saying the government needs to fill gaps in its armed forces because a nationwide student protest movement has reduced the number of volunteers it usually gets.

Military service is obligatory in Chile, but there are usually enough volunteers to fill the ranks so that no one has to serve against their will.
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Supported by the people

Occupy Wall Street. It’s also important that you support your local occupation if you have one:

Bolstering the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, protesters have recently obtained a donated storage space in Downtown Manhattan, to allow demonstrators to have supplies as their protest enters the cold months. NY1’s Zack Fink got an exclusive look at the warehouse and filed the following report.

Just a few blocks away from Zuccotti Park, where protesters have entered their second month of holding “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations, the United Federation of Teachers is allowing occupiers to use a ground-floor storage space for donated goods.

Care packages and supplies have come from all over the world to the UPS store at Fulton Street. Organizers then carry the packages, which include food and medicine, on dollies to the storage area.

“We’ve literally seen donations from all over the world, from New Zealand, South Korea, Germany, Latin America, anywhere you can imagine,” said protester Han Shan.

“It is important that we have a place, especially with the weather, basically Mother Nature being herself. We have to store this stuff,” said protester Nan Terry.

The space also allows protesters to store personal items, keeping them warm and dry.

Some of the donations have even included winter gloves and socks, all necessary items to brave the cold as the protest stretches on towards the colder months.

“We are not asking permission to be here. We are occupying Wall Street. I don’t think anyone has any intention of going anywhere,” said Shan. “We’ve got a lot more work to do.”

Why they hate Occupy

Because the news cycle is now dominated by stories of economic inequality instead of the deficit stories they were using to push their policies.

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