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The centrist cop-out

The Shrill One.


Grateful Dead:

I need a man to love

Big Brother and the Holding Company:

All apologies


Bikeless in Philadelphia — again!

I rarely blog about myself. I prefer the veneer of fiction when it comes to personal matters, so when my bicycle was stolen Monday, I blogged about the thieves in business and government who prosper at the expense of the poor and near-poor.

But I’m still angry about my bike…

Marrakesh express


I will buy you a new life

Believing in politicians is a lot like being in love with a junkie. Everclear:

The times, they are a-changing


A Song for Washington

Cus that’s what all this “debt ceiling” “austerity” bullshit is all about: it’s about fucking the poor (and the working class and the middle class) so the rich don’t have to pay higher taxes.

Here’s another song for Washington (the official video has a great intro, but bleeps out the swear words, so here’s an unofficial with better sound):

I say cook them slowly, Texas barbeque style. Low heat, over a matter of hours, mopping regularly. Some would suggest skinning, but if long pig is anything like the rest of the pork family of meats, I would bet on a deliciously crispy, oh-so-greasy crust like you get with pork shoulder. Or not, as the site suggests. Either way, I’ll bet it’s a nice change from Friskies.

A Planned Parenthood office firebombed.

A Molotov cocktail was lobbed at the front door on Tuesday night.

Planned Parenthood said this is the first time one of its 21 health centers in North Texas has been attacked with some kind of incendiary device and called it “alarming.”

The McKinney clinic provides women’s health and reproductive services, but does not perform abortions, according to Planned Parenthood.

The clinic opened in June 2008 and frequently draws anti-abortion protesters who have demonstrated without incident.

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