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Occupy Oakland

Being cleared out now. Members of interfaith community being arrested:


Well, if you’re going to hire the offspring of an ex-president, at least it’s someone intelligent who can string two sentences together without giggling.

But since I’ve also read rumors Chelsea Clinton is thinking of running for Congress, this would amount to a campaign giveaway – if true.


Pretty good point:

Morris Davis speaks bluntly about some of President Barack Obama’s policy decisions.

“There’s a pair of testicles somewhere between the Capital Building and the White House that fell off the president after Election Day [2008],” said Davis, an Air Force colonel who spent two years as the chief prosecutor of Guantanamo military commissions, during an interview at his Washington, DC, office over the summer and in email correspondence over the past several months. “He got his butt kicked. Not just with Guantanamo but with national security in general. I’m sure there are a few areas here and there where there have been ‘change,’ but to me it seems like a third Bush term when it comes to national security.”

Davis is “hugely disappointed” that Obama reneged on a campaign promise to reject military commissions for “war on terror” detainees, which human rights advocates and defense attorneys have condemned as unconstitutional.

Go read the rest.

Generational divide

Great piece at C&L about how the Republicans are trying to pit the generations against each other over Social Security and Medicare:

Still be around

Uncle Tupelo:

See you sometime

Joni Mitchell:


Damn, this is so good. That’s why it’s one of my favorite songs! Son Volt:

Smoke ring for my halo

Kurt Vile:


After protesters occupied a long-abandoned building in Chapel Hill, NC they were raided by a SWAT team this morning.

Never let it be said that NYT columnist David Brooks doesn’t have a sense of humor, although his attempts at social satire are about as amusing as a buyout by Mitt Romney’s private equity firm. More here.

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