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Heal over

KT Tunstall:

Born under a bad sign

Daryl, Booker T. and Mayer:



30 years ago today

The middle class died.

You make my dreams come true

Mayer Hawthorne with Daryl Hall:

No strings

Meyer Hawthorne with Daryl Hall and Booker T.:

Peter Daou.

Medicare for all

To those concerned that nations will soon fight over diminishing oil reserves: If you think that’s bad, wait until world population booms to 10 billion or so, and fresh water dries up. But that stuff is long-term. The short-term disaster at home is all I can stomach for now, just barely.

Wedding prep

My niece is getting married tomorrow. I have a nice dress I got at the thrift store, but I needed shoes. So I stopped by the Target this morning and got a really nice pair of dress sandals at their end-of-summer clearance sale for $6.24!

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