And they wonder why we despise them:

WASHINGTON — The job market is stagnant and the GOP has the federal government tied up in knots, so the country’s short-term economic future is in the hands of America’s titans of industry and finance.

But despite having an unprecedented amount of cash on hand with which to create jobs — more than $3 trillion, nearly four times as much as the 2009 stimulus bill — the corporations aren’t spending and the banks aren’t lending.

“They’ve been making money, and they haven’t been spending it. So it sits there,” said Jared Bernstein, a former economic adviser to President Barack Obama now at the non-partisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. “The economy has been growing since the second half of 2009, and the vast majority of households have seen very little of that. It’s got to be going somewhere.”

Think of it as corporate austerity.

“In a more normal economic recession, you would expect business reinvesting to grow,” said Brandon Rees, deputy director of the office of investment at the AFL-CIO, the labor union federation. But instead, “that money just keeps piling up,” he said. “The CEOs just can’t figure out what to do with it all.”
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Those cowards who kill from afar? Pin medals on them.

Thanks to Glenn Greenwald for posting and commenting on a Washington Post story about America’s noble “joystick” executioners:

The Pentagon is considering awarding a Distinguished Warfare Medal to drone pilots who work on military bases often far removed from the battlefield.

Pentagon officials have been briefed on the medal’s “unique concept,” Charles V. Mugno, head of the Army Institute of Heraldry, told a recent meeting of the Commission of Fine Arts, according to a report in Coin World by our former colleague Bill McAllister.

Mugno said most combat decorations require “boots on the ground” in a combat zone, but he noted that “emerging technologies” such as drones and cyber combat missions are now handled by troops far removed from combat.

The Pentagon has not formally endorsed the medal, but Mugno’s institute has completed six alternate designs for commission approval.

I would love to see these jerks forced into one-on-one confrontations with real warriors.

Grayson pretends Scott has a conscience

Stories such as this one are necessary, I suppose, in that they might catch the eye of potential voters who don’t know much about their elected officials. At the same time, it seems almost pointless to criticize the policies of the heartless Teabaggers who were swept into office in 2010. They are what they are:

Democratic candidate Alan Grayson said Wednesday that people in Florida would suffer because Gov. Rick Scott (R) refused to implement parts of the Affordable Care Act.

“There’s literally thousands of people who will live if Medicaid is expanded in Florida, and die if it isn’t,” he told Current TV host Eliot Spitzer. “And their blood will be on Rick Scott’s hands.”

After the Affordable Care Act was upheld by the Supreme Court, Scott told Fox News that he would fight its implementation in Florida. Specifically, he said he opposed creating insurance exchanges and the expansion of the Medicaid program, which provides health care to the poor…

What does Rick Scott care about the blood of the poor? Treating the weakest citizens badly is what makes him popular with his base.

RePost: Scrapple TV’s Piggie of the Week

Seems I need to re-familiarize myself with the formatting here at Suburban Guerilla…

So let’s try this again: from high atop the Scrapple News Tower in downtown Philadelp-fie-ay, it’s time for the Piggie of the Week… where expose the Pennsylvania GOP’s Voter ID Law for the poll tax it is.

Is Mittens the real-life Thurston Howell?

I shouldn’t post again about the same story, but the Hamptons event is such a perfect expression of Mitt Romney’s political instincts and personal style. Maybe the swinish spectacle was inspired by Gilligan’s Island:

Noting that Romney’s donors at recent fundraiser in New York seemed more like fictional caricatures of the rich and affluent, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow wondered if the Republican presidential candidate had been “punked.”

“There are only two possibilities here at this point,” she said Monday night. “Either this is brilliant satire and the Romney campaign is being punked, and I tip my hat to the ‘billionaires for Romney’ or whoever you are who have pulled this off and convinced all these reporters that you are actual rich people saying things that obnoxious about Mitt Romney and what he stands for. Or there is somebody inside the Romney campaign who is trying to make Mitt Romney look as much as possible like Thurston Howell…”

Moyers: ‘You can only push your subjects so far’

Earlier this week, Mitt Romney and his handlers flaunted the Republican Party’s contempt for the 99 percent by holding several fund-raisers at the Hamptons, one of them at the estate of billionaire right-wing activist David Koch. This classic “let them eat cake” event indicated the GOP is literally banking on the notion that the poor and near-poor will be awed into voting for the very people who continue to exploit them.

I couldn’t help but wonder, as usual, at what point Americans will realize these arrogant would-be aristocrats, with plenty of help from the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision — have made a sick joke of democracy by and for the people.

Mild-mannered, compassionate Bill Moyers wondered the same thing. How much blatant celebration by the GOP of the widening gap between rich and poor is too much for average Americans to stomach? He thinks we might be at the tipping point:

… Three things don’t go together: Money. Secrecy. Democracy. And that’s the nub of the matter. This is all a sham for invalidating democracy in the name of democracy. It’s the trick authoritarians always use to hide their real intention – in this case absolute power over our public life and institutions: the privatization of everything. The Supreme Court is pointing the way. Instead of mitigating the worst excesses of both the state and the private sector, the Court has taken sides. Saying to the massed wealth of the one percent: America is yours for the taking, for the buying…

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