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What a nice thing to do!

Little by little

Susan Tedeschi with Derek Trucks:

Lindsey Graham

Keeping his eye on the prize.

NAFTA is starving Mexico

Not that anyone cares about what happens to a bunch of brown people:

Since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) became the law of the land, millions of Mexicans have joined the ranks of the hungry. Malnutrition is highest among the country’s farm families, who used to produce enough food to feed the nation.

As the blood-spattered violence of the drug war takes over the headlines, many Mexican men, women, and children confront the slow and silent violence of starvation. The latest reports show that the number of people living in “food poverty” (the inability to purchase the basic food basket) rose from 18 million in 2008 to 20 million by late 2010.

About one-fifth of Mexican children currently suffer from malnutrition. An innovative measurement applied by the National Institute for Nutrition registers a daily count of 728,909 malnourished children under five for October 18, 2011. Government statistics report that 25 percent of the population does not have access to basic food.

Since the 2008 food crisis, there has been a three percent rise in the population without adequate access to food. The number of children with malnutrition is 400,000 kids above the goal for this year. Newborns show the highest indices of malnutrition, indicating that the tragedy begins with maternal health.


Sent a letter out to members urging small business owners not to hire anyone in order to protest Obama’s “war on business.”

They’re so blinded by their hatred, they don’t even care what happens to the country.


I don’t like taking risks (my shrink and I spend a lot of time on this) but I actually did something I wouldn’t ordinarily do while I was in Florida – I rode a motor scooter! And it was fun! So maybe an old dog can learn a few new tricks.


Cenk Uygur starts a PAC to work to pass a 28th amendment repealing corporate personhood.

How the west cooked up the Libyan uprising

Russ Baker’s take. Also, are resources behind our latest intervention in Africa?



Deep thought

You know you live in a working-class neighborhood when you pass a funeral and hear a bagpipe band playing the Marine Corps hymn.

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