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Fortunate son


John Edwards

I’ve said this all along: He’s being selectively prosecuted, and it would be a travesty if he was sentenced to jail because of it. But these things happen in New America, don’t they?

Gimme shelter



Jefferson Airplane:

Campbell Brown

Who did she ask, her cleaning lady?

Funny how things change

I used to laugh at people who spelled our country as “Amerika.” Here’s video of cops stopping a car full of video journalists in Chicago last night:

And in related news: At the time of this blog post, there are reports that the City of Chicago website has been DDOS’d. Over the weekend, there were reports of other such DDOSes.

Follow the Chicago protests today as they unfold, with the livestreamers the Chicago police and Homeland Security are following: Tim Pool’s web video streamLuke Rudkowski’s web video stream. On Twitter: Geoffrey Giraffe (@jiraffa), Tim Pool (@timcast), Luke Rudkowski (@lukewearechange).


Judy Collins:

‘Sink or swim moment’

On climate change:

Death to my hometown

Bruce Springsteen:


Billy Joel:

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