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The loved ones

Elvis Costello:


The Stone Foxes:

Our day will come

Ruby and the Romantics:

The end of truth

Charlie Pierce on the New York Times and political journalism.

What does it take (to win your love)

Jr. Walker and the All Stars:

A joint a day

What it does (and doesn’t do) to your lungs.


And yet, we can’t arrest bankers.

Bank of America

Gets a makeover of 85 ATMs, thanks to some San Francisco activists!

Plunder watch

How Mitt robbed workers and left the federal government to clean up Bain Capital’s mess.

Free agents

Looks like these AGs are still planning to pursue their own prosecutions against mortgage companies instead of signing off on the federal settlement:

Attorneys general or representatives from nearly 15 states met in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday to discuss and share different enforcement options and strategies around various mortgage-related issues, according to sources familiar with the conversation.

The meeting was prompted by the slow pace at which a national foreclosure settlement led by the Obama administration is progressing, and is likely to be the first in a series, said these sources.

The participating attorneys general, from states including California, Nevada, Delaware, Massachusetts and New York, discussed how they could possibly join together to investigate and potentially file lawsuits against abusive mortgage lenders and servicers. Principals or representatives also attended from Hawaii, New Hampshire, Missouri, Mississippi, Maryland, Kentucky and Minnesota.

“This past Tuesday, a group of like-minded Attorneys General met in D.C. to discuss ongoing and future investigations into the mortgage finance and foreclosure industries,” said Delaware Deputy Attorney General Ian McConnel.

“The talks weren’t just about investigations,” said a source with knowledge of the discussions. “They were also about the attorneys general offices feeling uninvolved in a process by which their federal colleagues have been negotiating on their behalf.”

The administration, along with a coalition of state law enforcement officials, is currently pursuing a settlement with big banks over their role in the practice of “robo-signing” and other alleged forms of mistreatment of struggling homeowners.

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