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Dave Alvin

Nice profile of a really great musician and songwriter. I still remember how he blew me away the first time I saw X:

Please send me someone to love

Gladys Knight and BB King:

Rebuild the dream

This is the big activist event tonight in DC with Van Jones and the Roots that kicks off a national progressive campaign. Really, you need to watch this – especially if you’ve never heard Van speak:


As I’ve mentioned, I do have a touch of my dad’s OCD. And the other day, when I was stuck in O’Hare most of the day, I was… bothered by the fact that the edge of the vinyl cushioned seat on which I sat was ripped, almost as if chewed away by a dog. I hated the way it felt, so of course I couldn’t stop touching it – like a sore tooth.

Then I remembered the tie-dyed duct tape in my bag. I looked around to see if anyone was watching, ripped off a piece and covered the offending tear. I was worried that TSA agents would suddenly appear and accuse me of trying to blow up the airport with explosive duct tape — but nothing.

So if you’re ever sitting at Gate 10 of the USAirways terminal, and you happen to notice a patch of pink and purple tie-dyed duct tape on the corner of an end-row seat?

That was me.

Prelude from Bach’s cello suite No. 1

A little midday refreshment from Yo-Yo Ma:

DIY air conditioner

Honestly, I love stuff like this. Lifehacker is geek porn!

Virtually speaking

Thursday, June 23 | 9 pm eastern | 6 pm pacific | Virtually Speaking w/ Jay Ackroyd | Dan Ellsberg and Glenn Greenwald - together for up to 2 hrstalk about WikiLeaks and the growth of the American Security State. | Listen live and later on BTR.

This ought to be a good one.


Avedon thought I’d like this, and she was right:


Cantor pulls out of budget talks. I guess he’s going to pout now.


The AARP has always primarily been about selling insurance, and insurance is pretty much a Republican business. I said as much to the previous AARP communications rep, who called several months ago to introduce himself.

Well, he didn’t last long and now we have a new flak who’s at least honest about their aims: Namely, don’t rock the political boat in any way that might affect our business. I’ll tell him what I told the other guy: If they don’t understand that Baby Boomers are activists and want an organization that will fight for Social Security, they will find themselves with rapidly declining membership and a shell of an organization.

Oh, and guys? Even your discounts aren’t that great. They’re based on a degree of disposable income that most retirees will no longer have, thanks to organizations like yours.

Seriously, if you have one, burn your AARP card and mail it back to these fuckers.

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