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Yeah, Drunk Again.

yeah, he DOES seem pretty drunk.

And man, who wrote this piece of shit speech? What’s with all the Clint Eastwoodisms? “We in Congressh told ‘in, not sho fasssht…”

Nothing but buffoonery and lies. I’m gonna read the comics.

Fortunate son


Something of a dreamer

Mary Chapin Carpenter:

Goodnight Saigon

Billy Joel:

Did anyone else listen to John Boner’s response to the President? He sounds somewhere between a gay Ward Cleaver and Tom Brokaw channelling a more-drunk-than-usual Robert Goulet trying to sell me a 1978 Volare.

If anyone has a clip, please post in comments, this is HILARIOUS.

I’m so tired of being alone

The Rev. Al Green:


is assuming that there will be a republican president in 2012, and start taking steps to limit the damage that she/he will be trying to inflict.


Crash course

On SportsCenter last night, ESPN ran a segment on collisions at home plate. Runners attempting to score routinely crash into catchers blocking the plate in an attempt to separate them from the ball.

Why are the catcher and the plate dealt with differently than any other position and base? A runner who barrels into an infielder trying to turn a double play would be called out for interference (and so would the runner behind him). Imagine a would-be base stealer lowering his shoulder and crashing into the fielder. Should that be allowed? What if runners legging out infield grounders routinely tackled first basemen? What if a runner could shove a pitcher covering first base on a ground ball to the right side? What if every instance of opposing players coming into close proximity of one another carried the potential for violent collisions?

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