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Alison Krauss:

I’m afraid of Americans

Nine Inch Nails:

The revolution will not be televised

Gil Scott-Heron:


Today’s statement on Occupy Wall Street:

We are announcing Operation Orwell Rewind. This is both a support operation to assist and encourage protesters involved with #OccupyWallStreet and also an offensive against those we see as the true villains.

We will associate every incident of brutality and infringement of rights not with the police officers but the bankers and military contractors who radicalized police against the people.

One of these clubs is the financiers’ club and the other hitman. Imagine if you will how much easier it is to poison those who are trusted with safety by training them with brutal techniques against the people than to carry out individual attacks against communities. We are on to the real threat to freedom… and they know it.
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New and improved

A friend just gifted me with a hypnosis session for stress relief. (He said it really helped him.) It was interesting — time will tell if it worked!


Al Jazeera’s executive director. Did he jump or was he pushed? And how will this affect their coverage?

they’re on day four of the Occupy Wall Street protests, and the police are beginning to use violence. Not surprising, although the cognitive dissonance the boys and blue have to shoulder is astounding, as they protect the very wrongdoers who have put their livelihood and retirement in jeopardy.

And still, nothing in the the print edition of the New York Times, nor in any of the main sections online. Just a cheap entry in their blog, read by no one.


The always-interesting Ted Rall – writer, author, blogger, Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist and political activist – will be on my show tonight to talk about the Oct. 5th sit-in at Freedom Square in D.C. and other topics.

Call 646-200-3440 with questions or comments, and tune in here.

Elizabeth Warren

Is already outpolling Scott Brown. Woo hoo!

Do re mi

John Mellencamp sings Woody:

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