Senate Kabuki

I wouldn’t be anywhere near as thrilled about this as some people are. (Remember the public option?) It was a voice vote, and that also means the Senators who allegedly oppose the chained CPI are just as likely to turn around and vote for the cut when it counts. Don’t assume.

That’s why it’s important that you continue to contact your senators and tell them you vehemently oppose any changes to the funding formula for Social Security, and any increase in co-pays or deductibles for Medicare.

This is what happens

When you rip a giant hole in the safety net. Read the whole thing and weep:

America’s social safety net, such as it is, has recently come under some scrutiny. Chana Joffe-Walt’s in-depth exploration of the increase in people getting Social Security Disability benefits at NPR got many listeners buzzing. Then in The Wall Street Journal, Damian Paletta and Caroline Porter looked at the increase in the use of food stamps, called SNAP. All three journalists look at the increasing dependence on these programs and come away puzzled: Why are so many people now getting disability and food stamp payments?

The answer is twofold. Recent trends give us the first part of the explanation. Yes, as Paletta and Porter note, the economy is recovering and the unemployment rate is falling. But, as they recognize, the poverty rate is also rising. And therein lies the rub: people are getting jobs but staying poor. The available jobs are increasingly low-wage and don’t pay enough to live off of. And the big profits in the private sector haven’t led to an increase in wages.
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Your librul media

I remember covering a Klan rally two decades ago, and it was a very scary thing — especially when people started heaving bricks at their cars as they drove away. But this? Just astounding:

Is this an early April Fool’s prank, or has everyone at the Scripps Howard News Service been hit with the stupid stick — hard?

I read the piece with ever-increasing slack-jawed amazement, my eyebrows raised so high they nearly met my hairline. Clearly an attempt to portray the kinder, gentler side of the Klan, it is an epic journalistic fail. Here’s the first line: “There’s a lot to be angry about if you’re in the KKK.” Well, that’s one way of putting it! It goes on from there:

As local leader of the Loyal White Knights, Edward the Exalted Cyclops organized a barbecue last month to make plans for Saturday’s demonstration to show that white people still have rights.

Edward curses sparingly, drinks rarely, and keeps his hair clipped short — his tribute to his old-fashioned Christian values.

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