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Archbishop Rush Limbaugh

The Catholic church, already increasingly irrelevant and out of touch, now considerably increases the odds of Philadelphia Catholics leaving the church in droves.


So 75 former NFL members are suing the organization. Turns out they’ve known about the brain damage caused by football-related concussions since the 1920s — they just, um, forgot to tell the players!

Just say no

To higher education. No, really, I mean it. Under these circumstances, the single most revolutionary thing you can do is to opt out of the debt cycle they so desperately wish to trap us in. If I had kids who were college age, I’d encourage them to find ways to do it that did not incur massive amounts of debt (community college if you’re lucky enough to get in) — or tell them to skip it completely and learn a useful trade.

I value education for its own sake. But being trapped by a mountain of debt in order to get a degree in what is likely to be an entire decade of economic calamity just seems an unnecessary burden — since you’re unlikely to get a job that pays enough to pay back your loans, or to get any job at all.

Didn’t we

Jimmy Webb:

And Now for a Completely Different Sound

Kim Kyung Ho, “Shout”.
I have no idea what he’s singing about, but his sound is so late-1980s metal, my eyeballs are bleeding.
And Susie’s probably regretting giving me the keys about now…

Sweet old world

Lucinda Williams:

Like dreamers do

The Radiators:

I heard banjos

And I thought I was having an auditory hallucination brought on by the extended heat wave. But no, it was one of the local Mummers clubs just parading down my street to raise money. This is what they do for fun in my neighborhood:


FDR speech about the Republicans:


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