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While I think we can all agree that taxpayers have unknowingly financed the expansion of academic empires, the fact remains that higher education is the gateway to better jobs and this is the system we have. Let me remind you that when Gov. Corbett says we don’t have the money to fund education, what he really means is that he and Republican legislators have decided they’d rather use that money to subsidize big business (Marcellus Shale, anyone?) and more tax cuts:

Knowing the Pennsylvania government was waist-deep in deficit, Temple University leaders braced for a reduction of up to 6 percent in state aid this year.


The current proposed cut stands at 25 percent. And that’s an improvement from the governor’s original 50 percent reduction.

That’s a loss of $44.6 million, enough to pay 18 months of water, gas, and electric bills at all nine of Temple’s campuses and sites.

Temple President Ann Weaver Hart has reimposed freezes on nonunion wages, administration hiring, and travel, while delaying plans to fill five top university posts. More hardship is coming as the school tries to reconcile big plans and fewer dollars.


Some stark differences between Palestinians and Israelis.

The boys of summer

Don Henley:

Under the boardwalk

If you didn’t grow up on the East Coast, you probably don’t understand how deeply the boardwalk experience is ingrained in our psyches. I remember getting my first real kiss under the Wildwood boardwalk when I was 13:

Sandy (4th of July)


Summer lovin’

Just about everyone I know who’s in their 30s fell under the spell of “Grease” when they were kids. Olivia Newtown-John and John Travolta:

Grand Rapids lipdub

Grands Rapids got a little peeved about being called one of America’s top 10 dying-est cities, so they did this video:


That the White House is more concerned with making sure the “wrong people” aren’t helped with their mortgages. Go read it all.

Bad romance

Lady Gaga:

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