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Prelude to a slice

Last night I had to wash myself all over with these antiseptic cloths that made me itch something crazy, and then I had to do it all over again this morning. The theory is that it lowers post-surgical infection, but all I can think about is that my skin feels like it’s ready to break out in a rash.

Pride (in the name of love)


What it all means

Sam Phillips:

Abraham, Martin and John

Remember when people wrote songs that meant something, and they’d play them on the radio? Dion:

All the way

Keb Mo and Daryl Hall:


Sounds like Neil! Stone Foxes:

What would MLK do?

Fun with hospitals

So I finally had my pre-admission testing today after waiting two hours. I was “lucky” enough to get a physician’s assistant who regaled me with the very detailed tale of how she recently almost died from a gangrenous gall bladder, and how I absolutely shouldn’t put off the surgery. I mentioned that since I was there for pre-admission testing, was tomorrow soon enough?

Then she told me she had “horrendous” side effects, but she was happy to put up with them because at least she “was still alive.” Also, that not having a gall bladder would give me stomach cancer if I ate any fat at all, because the bile is dumped directly onto your stomach.

Then the anesthesiologist came in to meet with me. She told me she “hardly” got any sleep because her new (preemie) baby has colic. She must have noticed my expression, because she said, “You know how it is when you’re a mother. You make it work.” Besides, she said, she might not even be my anesthesiologist, so there you go.

Oh, and the PA also told me my EKG showed that I’d had a “probable” infarct sometime in the past. I told her it had been showing up on my EKGs for 35 years, that I’d been thoroughly checked out and it’s nothing. But hey, thanks for sending my stress levels through the roof the night before my surgery!

King the ‘moral revolutionary’

From a 1982 book review in which Garry Wills argued that Martin Luther King, Jr. knew he “would have to accept his own death” if he were to play a leading role in the civil rights movement:

…He did not do it all at once; he hoped to slip away from the appointment he had made. But it was soon clear to him, as to others around him, that one could not challenge the entire moral basis of a society’s racial arrangements without being jailed, beaten, and (finally) killed. Going to jail meant risking death from inmates as well as guards, and he went to jail nineteen times… More here.

Beautiful fool

One of the most touching songs ever. Don Henry:

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