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Krugman points out that we didn’t actually try any Keynesian stimulation.

New Hampshire

Defunds Planned Parenthood.

If you’re a teacher

Or know one, you need to see this.

As Lisa Guisbond said, “this is an amazing video from the Aspen Ideas Festival in which Stand For Children’s Jonah Edelman explains how he, with the support of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Arne Duncan’s senior advisor Jo Anderson (former Executive Director of the IEA) outfoxed the CTU, the IFT and the IEA’s Ken Swanson and Audrey Soglin into agreeing to Senate Bill 7.”

For those who still believe that there is any way to trust, negotiate with, compromise with, or have any dealings with Ed Deform in any way that does not demand complete capitulation to the ed deformers, watch this video. Play it at your next union meeting, share it with the world.

We do know some of what goes on at the Aspen Ideas Festival besides getting a chance to smell and touch sewer rats like Rupert Murdoch. Here is a great example of massive ego mixed with manipulative glee that was posted and quickly pulled from the Aspen site, but not before Fred Klonsky captured a copy for the world to see and hear.
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The unemployed

Why are they invisible? Because it’s so much easier to pursue bad public policies if they can pretend we’re not here!

Your librul media

You have to see this chart.

I shall be released

The Band, Bob Dylan and friends:

‘I welcome their hatred’

Crescent City

Lucinda Williams:


Interesting interview. No, I don’t think monogamy is necessarily “natural”. But if I could go all New-Agey on you for a moment, I think an in-depth, monogamous relationship with one person is a better vehicle for the development of the emotional, psychological and spiritual self than anything else out there. Not the only way, certainly – but it seems ideally constructed for the task.

Of course, some people just aren’t interested in growth. So there’s that!


You know, it really is a puzzle to me that people are so resistant to the fact that Obama is trying to deal away Social Security and Medicare. And make no mistake about it: Once a Democratic president makes a deal, that protective political wall around the crown jewels of Democratic policy goes away.

It’s not a big secret. I talk to lots of D.C. staffers — they know it, everyone knows it. It’s been discussed openly for the past two years. Everyone seems to understand this except the public and most of the press. No, I take it back. The press knows. They don’t talk about it because they approve.

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