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Sarah Michelle Gellar’s coming back to All My Children on Sept. 21st.

Quote of the day

Paul Krugman:

Truly, our public discourse has been entirely about problems we don’t have, at the expense of dealing with the problems we do have.

Tent cities and demonstrations

Hopeful news from Israel:

This is the first uprising, anywhere in the world, against a successful neoliberal regime. Israel’s macro-economy is doing very well (I make no predictions about what it will do tomorrow): unemployment is low, the shekel is strong, foreign investors are interested, there is a lot of entrepreneurial energy, economic growth is substantial and steady. At the same time, the damage that neoliberal policies do to communal solidarity, to welfare provision, and to the maintenance of the public sector is visible everywhere in the country (except in the occupied territories), and it is increasingly difficult for many families, with two wage-earners, to achieve and sustain a decent life. So this is a rebellion whose motto might be: It’s the micro-economy, stupid! But its actual slogan is: The people demand social justice! There is no crisis here of state indebtedness, or of inflation, or of unemployment. The crisis has to do with inequality and injustice, and the people marching, who may well turn out to disagree about many things, seem to agree about that.

Iraq war redux

Why would a bunch of dirty hippies with computers be better at predicting things than the Very Serious People? It’s a puzzle!

Romney’s flip flop

On abortion is even more despicable in light of this story.

Just now on the crawl.

Gold + 3.7
U.S. 10 year +2.35
Dow – 2.8
S&P – 3.7
NASDAQ – 3.89


London Riots.

From BBC online

Metropolitan Police Commander Adrian Hanstock said: “This is not groups of people acting on behalf of communities or with any consent.

“This is individuals who are actually attacking communities, businesses, properties and houses and actually causing a huge amount of upset and criminality.”

Mark Duggan was shot dead by police in Tottenham
Kit Malthouse, Deputy Mayor of London and Chair of the Metropolitan Police Authority, said the police did a good job.

Talking about the impact on the capital’s image, one year ahead of the Olympic Games, he said: “It’s pretty rotten for London, it does not look good.


Deputy Assistant Commissioner Steve Kavanagh said: “Social media and other methods have been used to organise these levels of greed and criminality.”

He described some messages posted on social media sites as “really inflammatory, inaccurate” and said police would consider arresting people using Twitter in relation to incitement to violence.

“That investigation is already under way and that is exactly the sort of thing we are looking at,” he said.

I’ve only read about this on BBC, and only after the riots started. I wonder about the criminalization of groups organized via Twitter, and what that will lead to.

In earlier articles, police representatives talked about using social media to counteract what they called inflammatory and misleading information. Isn’t that COINTEL? And haven’t we heard (frequently) from media about how it was all the protesters’ fault? I’m not saying it isn’t in this case, but I would like to know more. Leave a link in the comments for me, please.

ETA: BBC News feed.

ETA: quote from the site; 1821:

Ros Griffiths, who runs the Employment café in Brixton, which provides advice to jobseekers, says the violence across the capital is the result of years of tension between working-class people and the authorities.

Cut and save

Austerity survival guide!


How nice that we can count on private litigation to do the job the Justice Department should be doing!

The American International Group is planning to sue Bank of America over hundreds of mortgage-backed securities, adding to the surge of investors seeking compensation for the troubled mortgages that led to the financial crisis.

The suit seeks to recover more than $10 billion in losses on $28 billion of investments, in possibly the largest mortgage-security-related action filed by a single investor.
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