Sequester exemption for Israeli aid?

If AIPAC gets their way:

At a time when sequestration is about to take a big bite out of the Pentagon budget, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) will be sending thousands of its citizen lobbyists to Capitol Hill next week to make sure Israel is exempted from any spending cuts.

This could prove a very risky strategy at a time when millions of Americans will be feeling the bite of the sequestration debacle, from the defense budget to the school lunch program.

But not aid to Israel, which will be untouched if AIPAC gets its way.

This resolution could easily backfire and damage Israel far more than any cuts in its very generous grant aid program.
With no agreement between the administration and Congressional Republicans by March 1, sequestration will kick in.

The 13,000 expected AIPAC activists will be telling Congress not to touch Israel’s $3-billion-plus annual security assistance and to vote for legislation declaring the Jewish state a “major strategic ally.”

That is a designation not enjoyed by any other nation, JTA pointed out, noting it may be a step toward the goal of some conservatives of divorcing assistance to Israel from all other foreign aid spending.

How men are

I haven’t heard this song in many years so I’m happy to find it. Clive Gregson and Christine Collister:


Many years ago, I was seeing a co-worker who was also dating someone else — and she didn’t know about me. (I’ve had a long history with triangles. Yes, I know: stupid.) He kept telling me she was fragile, and he needed time to break off with her. I’d answer the phone when she called, and let’s just say that it didn’t do wonders for my self-esteem. It was all very fraught with drama; we’d fight, make up and sit out in his car, kissing while snow covered the windows and we had our own world. I remember listening to this song over and over, sobbing. When I listen to it now, I laugh — because I wasn’t the ordinary one, he was. In fact, all of them were. And it finally hit me that men who need two women just aren’t man enough for one. Paula Cole:

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