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Losing PA

While this is a Republican polling firm, I think it’s probably close to accurate. And if that’s true, Obama will have a real problem getting reelected.


New Google toy! You can record it, too.

On the ropes

Wisconsin Republicans.


If only Ben Bernanke would get caught sending pictures of his junk through the intertubes!

Top 10 ways to punch big banks in the nads

Lee Camp (NSFW!!):

The Warren test

Of course Obama’s going to fail it. Duh! Little Timmy ‘Fix The Deficit First’ Geithner doesn’t like Elizabeth, and he’s best buds with the president. Bob Borosage:

Warren’s opposition comes not only from Senate Republicans, eager to curry favor with the big banks. It comes, by all reports, from Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, ever solicitous of Wall Street’s concerns. And this White House is ever more ready to switch than fight. So now the administration is floating the notion that it will name a Warren deputy to head the bureau.

This trial balloon won’t get off the ground. Every consumer activist, every informed citizen, an army of commentators, bloggers, organizers and opinion leaders will be simply outraged if Elizabeth Warren is not nominated to head the bureau that she conceived, championed and constructed.

The Warren test cannot be ducked. If the president names someone else, he gets the worst of both worlds. The Republicans will still block the nomination, demanding that the bureau be neutered. And the White House will be savaged across the progressive community for demonstrating once more that it caters far more to bankers than to the customers who are too often their victims.

It really is simple. Name the best person to the job. Take on the fight. Help Americans understand who is on their side. No excuses. No dodges. There are no acceptable alternatives. Elizabeth Warren has demonstrated her leadership, her independence, her loyalty. This is not a hard test.

Looking forward

This is what you get when you don’t prosecute bankers. Robert Reich:

According to JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, the recovery has stalled because of strict banking regulation.

I’m not making this up.

At a financial conference today, Dimon told Fed chief Ben Bernanke there’s no longer any reason to crack down on Wall Street. “Most of the bad actors are gone,” he said. “[O]ff-balance-sheet businesses are virtually obliterated, … money market funds are far more transparent” and “most very exotic derivatives are gone.”

Dimon said he worried that financial reform legislation is “holding us back at this point” from a stronger economy.

If only someone had held these monsters accountable.

Florida awakes

Happy to see the Awake the State and Fight for Florida groups in Florida picking up momentum. Politicians count on voter apathy — that’s how a cretin like Gov. Rick Scott got in office in the first place. I’m also happy to see that this movement grew out of RootsCamp, which I’ve attended and highly recommend to those who want to make a difference on the local level:

Last week, about a dozen activists from various liberal groups held a news conference in front of Florida U.S. Senator Marco Rubio’s Tampa office, denouncing his vote in support of the Paul Ryan-Republican budget that would end Medicare as we know it.

Three weeks earlier, an estimated crowd of 150-200 gathered in front of Republican Representative Jeff Brandes’ office in St. Petersburg just days after the legislative session ended, protesting most of the bills supported by Brandes and his GOP allies.

For longtime observers of Florida progressive politics, it’s been an unusual sight — disgruntled Democrats hitting the streets on a regular basis to show their opposition to a governor and a legislature.
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Virtually Speaking tonight

Thursday, June 9 | 8 pm eastern | 5 pm pacific |Virtually Speaking A-Z | Stuart Zechman and Jay Ackroyd| This week in liberalism…. Ideology for liberals. Listen live on BTR. Beginning Friday, June 10 listen here.

Thursday, June 9 | 9 pm eastern | 6 pm pacific | Virtually Speaking w/ Jay Ackroyd | Peter Moskos and Jay Ackroyd discuss “In Defense of Flogging” | Listen live and later on BTR.

This Peter Moskos show should be very interesting, you should try to catch it. This is a very thought-provoking topic, and I want to hear more. (Jay and I discussed it briefly on my show this week.) Basically, he says criminals should have the option of flogging over prison, and it’s not as crazy as it sounds.

Question of the day

Jack Cafferty wants to know if viewers think the U.S. economy will trigger violence in our country.

Ed at Gin and Tacos thinks the odds of collective violence in the U.S. are low, and that acts of individual violence are more likely. I agree; I think we’re already seeing those:

The only thing that makes collective violence seem like a plausible outcome is the sense of a very real, profound, and widespread loss of hope in this country. Does anyone actually look forward to the future? Think that sunny days are on the horizon? Believe that the political system can solve our problems (without 1000 unrealistic “ifs”)? People who feel that way probably exist, but either they’re very quiet or there aren’t many of them. The 2008 and 2010 elections both generated a lot of excitement among different portions of the electorate and to say that the results have been disappointing is a rank understatement. Do Obama voters think four more years will bring “change”? At best they consider him the less-terrible of two options. Do Republicans really believe that going to rallies in stupid hats and voting for clueless ideologues who will Go Native the second they enter their offices is going to balance the budget and solve our problems? I doubt it, a small, vocal minority of true believers aside.

The biggest problem is that young people are more pessimistic about the future – their own and of this country – than ever before. If you’re under 40, do you even have any long term plans, goals, or hopes anymore? The short- and long-term pictures are both bleak. We’re unemployed, marginally employed, or tenuously holding onto one of the few decent jobs to be had in the short term, and in the long term we can look forward to…I don’t know, working until we drop dead. And we’ll do it in a country that will keep getting dumber, more dilapidated, poorer, and more like the average Banana Republic than the Super Great Land of Success we were told we live in.

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