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Palin moving to Scottsdale?

Yeah, they’re crazy enough to elect her.


Wall Street’s next big short?

Reading Terminal Market

The day two friends ate (almost) everything. I don’t go to the terminal market without a game plan, because it’s a dangerous place to browse. But with this, I can live vicariously!

Carving up the Arctic

In other words, more war for new oil:

It is considered the final frontier for oil and gas exploitation, and secret US embassy cables published by WikiLeaks confirm that nations are battling to “carve up” the Arctic’s vast resources.

“The twenty-first century will see a fight for resources,” Russian Ambassador to NATO Dmitry Rogozin was quoted as saying in a 2010 cable. “Russia should not be defeated in this fight.”

Along with exposing an estimated 22 per cent of the world’s oil, ice melting due to global warming will open new shipping lanes, the arteries of global commerce, which nations are competing to control. And Russia certainly is not the only country eyeing the frozen prize.

Per Stig Moller, then Danish foreign minister, mused in a 2009 cable that “new shipping routes and natural resource discoveries would eventually place the region at the centre of world politics”.

U.S. politics

“A reality show sponsored by Wall Street.” — Matt Taibbi

Welcome to your new hell

Via TBogg. Swallow your coffee first so you don’t spit it all over your keyboard!

Road trip

On my way over to East Kenzo, where the amazing annual Kinetic Sculpture Derby is happening. This year, video!!!


Well, since they already own all the politicians, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.


There’s this brilliant yellow orb way up in the sky that seems to cast heat and light. It looks vaguely familiar, but it’s been raining for so long, it’s hard to tell.


Terror drill in Minneapolis airport but TSA forgot to inform police. Hijinks ensue!

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