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Occupy Wall Street

No Radiohead, but lots of people:

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Nobody can predict the moment of revolution




The Occupy Wall Street protesters camped out in Lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park are buzzing over a big secret musical guest scheduled to play this afternoon at around 4pm. We hear that it’s Radiohead, who are in New York for a couple concerts.

It makes sense: Radiohead’s lead singer Thom Yorke has a history of lefty anti-globalization protest. What do you think: Are the millionaires from Radiohead authentic enough to be the bards of revolution? They’re certainly capable of mobilizing people: When their New York show sold out in minutes they almost caused a Twitter riot.

Update: It’s been confirmed by Occupywallstreet.org the official website of Occupy Wall Street. According to an Occupy Wall Street spokesman, they have no permit but said “everybody’s aware” about the event.

Occupy Philly

Over 400 people showed up at the OccupyPhilly planning meeting last night. Woo hoo!

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What a wonderful idea for a protest. Check out the New Bottom Line Coalition, and see what’s going on near you:

As the old saying goes, “another day, another dawn.” But in this case it was another dawn, another bad day… for Bank of America. Footage and report courtesy of MASSUNITING.

Less than 24 hours after announcing a planned mass layoff of more than 30,000 employees, local residents crashed a posh company-sponsored breakfast at the Seaport Hotel in Boston. The event, billed as a “government affairs forum,” was chaired by Robert Gallery, President of Bank of America-Massachusetts.

A pair of local residents made a breakfast delivery of their own to event attendees, handing out muffins ornamented with “Bank of America: Bad for America, Bad for Massachusetts” flags. The activists distributed one muffin for every thousand pink slips the financial giant will hand out in the coming months.

And as Gallery took the podium, more than a dozen concerned citizens took to the parking garages and streets surrounding the hotel and convention center. Within twenty minutes, local residents had leafleted the cars of every event attendee, as well as hundreds of commuters passing by the hotel and convention center.

Last week’s actions marked the second day of protests against Bank of America and its corporate leadership. On Monday, dozens of protesters descended on bank branches in Fields Corner and Grove Hall, calling on the financial giant to take concrete steps to clean up the economic mess it helped to create.

Organizers promised to continue demonstrations against Bank of America and other big banks throughout September.

If you have a home printer, you can do leaflets. Use your imagination!

Well holy crap

Something else to worry about.

Happy birthday to me

All I really want for my birthday

Is for you to support your local #occupy movement. Go find it here. If you can’t attend, send them pizza. Donate sleeping bags. If there isn’t one near you, start one. Just do it!

That darn Marcy

Always wanting the evidence and such. What a killjoy!

Why would anyone object to killing U.S. citizens without even a trial?

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