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Dead leaves and the dirty ground

The White Stripes:

San Francisco



I had a premonition last week about the plane crash that happened in Nevada yesterday. (Yes, I did tell someone at the time.) The image flashed into my consciousness right after I turned out the light at bedtime. At the time, I sort of assumed it was from all the 9-11 stuff — although I made a mental note that the plane was in a nosedive, and not aimed at anything.

Anyway, I’d forgotten all about it — until I saw this picture, which is exactly what I saw. Weird.

And before I start getting the lectures from the “science” fundies, let me point out that crisis apparitions (which are similar to these little flashes I get) are a well-documented and unexplained phenomenon. (Like this.)


Republicans don’t believe the government ever gets it right — except when it comes to executing people.


Another unbought judge rules in favor of the First Amendment. Unlike this one

They have their weapons

And we have ours:

September 15, 2011, 1:26 PM — Hactivist group Anonymous announced it will launch a new weapon on Saturday to replace the Low Orbit Ion Cannon application it uses to automate distributed denial of service attacks.

Rather than just automate content requests to make them faster and easier to launch – so a botnet can launch 10,000 per second rather than 5,000, for example – as the previous application did, the new #Ref#Ref uses a web-site’s own server resources against it, according to hints from various Anonymi.

The group has been testing the new app during the past few weeks, bringing down the main WikiLeaks site, attacking Twitter and running other tests designed to verify the scalability and reliability of the new app.

The app, written in Perl, Python and JavaScript app is designed to max out a web-site’s server not by sending a flood of requests from the outside, but by launching an overwhelming number of processes on the server itself, freezing or bringing it down as its resources are exhausted.

The release of #Ref#Ref is timed to coincide with the combined online/real-world protest against the economic power of Wall Street firms, which it scheduled for 7 a.m. Eastern time Saturday, Sept. 17.


Eleanor Mondale, 51.

Autumn shade

The Vines:

This is what democracy looks like

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