Another one bites the dust

US charges two Russian spies and two hackers in Yahoo data breach

Hmm. Lots of people quitting lately:

The woman leading the Justice Department’s investigation of foreign meddling into the 2016 election and possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia has told staff members she will leave the department in May.

Mary B. McCord has served at the highest levels in the national security unit, either as its leader or chief deputy, for the past three years. A longtime federal prosecutor based in Washington, McCord easily won the confidence of both career lawyers and her supervisors inside the Justice Department.

McCord did not offer a public reason for her departure. In a message to her staff earlier this week, she wrote that she did not make the decision easily, but she concluded “the time is now right for me to pursue new career opportunities.”

Her exit leaves a huge vacancy at one of the Justice Department’s most important divisions, at a time when the Trump administration is struggling to fill the ranks. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is the only leader so far in the building to have secured Senate confirmation. His picks for deputy and associate attorney general await votes by the full Senate. The administration has not yet announced political appointees for other top posts.

I am so, so tired of winning!


Why, Jason, why?

Jason Chaffetz Shocks Democrats: ‘We Are Going To Audit The Fed’!

It is now rumored that Jason Chaffetz will resign soon, and naturally, everyone is wondering why. After all, you don’t give up a post as the chairman of a powerful committee for no good reason!

Among the proposed options: being blackmailed by Trump, Russian something or other, a pending indictment for campaign finance fraud, or the impending revelation of a multi-year affair. (Remember, he was right in the middle of the story about the curiously timed Comey email letter.)

Does it really matter? Probably not. Bye, Jason!




Jon Ossoff, the Georgia Dem who came in first in Tuesday night’s runoff, is a pro-LGBTQ, pro-choice liberal who pulling a near majority in a solid GOP district. Here’s what Bernie said about him

Asked if Mr. Ossoff is a progressive, Mr. Sanders, an independent who challenged Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential primary, demurred. “I don’t know,” he said.

Instead, here’s the guy he’s backing:

He plans to campaign Thursday in Nebraska with Heath Mello, a former Nebraska state senator who in 2009 sponsored legislation requiring women to look at ultrasound image of their fetus before receiving an abortion.

At the time Mr. Mello called the proposal a “positive first step” toward reducing the number of abortions in Nebraska. It became law months later.

Mello is still opposed to abortion. But women’s rights are optional! All Bernie cares about is Wall Street, which strikes me as a tad tone deaf, considering that women are leading the Trump resistance.


See ya, Jason

Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) Father of the year?

So House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz has announced he’s not running in 2018. (He wants to “spend more time with his family.”) Well, I guess it isn’t much fun trying to survive under Trump. Watch for him to pop up in another Utah race– if the assorted questions about him don’t become charges.

This one goes out to Jason from Speaker Ryan:


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