Who Knows

Who Knows, by a band whose members couldn’t even agree on a name. Oy. The lead guitarist called them the Urban Spacemen, the bass player called them The Fossils, the lead singer called them The Ramblers. Whoever the hell they are, here’s the song.

Because my hard-drive shareable music collection seemed suspiciously low (I mean, I’m starting to repeat myself and if you saw how many CDs I had, you’d know how improbable that is), I was going through a box of old CDs tonight, looking for new stuff. I just came across this demo. Memories!

I used to be friends with all the members of this band, and now I’m only friends with one of them. (Not even the one I was sporadically involved with, the same one wrote and sang this Beach Boys homage.) Alas, I’ve always been a sucker for those head-gamer creative types. Not that I don’t have flaws myself, but you know what I mean.

Still, the song is good enough that I like to think it at least somewhat mitigates my catastrophically bad judgment. Ahem. But hey, bygones!


This one’s for Chris! (Hey, I used to have this album…) Chick Corea:

Quote of the Day


I can understand why the people who persuaded Obama to go for the capillaries might still be claiming that they have the right strategy; but I don’t understand why Obama is still listening to them.


I think this is appropriate.

You may remember that Bush’s limo was pelted with eggs during his “inauguration” parade shortly after he was awarded the presidency by the Supreme Court. Thankfully for our tender sensibilities, the corporate media removed such disturbing images from their coverage of the event.

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