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Our copyright system is such a clusterfuck.

Virtually Speaking Science

Sean Carroll & Matt Strassler talk particle physics, time and space with Alan Boyle.


SL Studio audience – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Exploratorium/145/56/26

Ruining the ecology

Unregulated pot growers in northern California. Of course, if they could be regulated like any other farm…

Nicely done, wealthy elite!

So it turns out that 43% of the projected Social Security shortfall is due to …. income inequality!

Let that sink in. This is yet another way that the looters want the victims to pay for their victimhood and hold the looters lossless. The CEO class has worked for three decades to create an economy where working people have a far less share of the economic growth than they used to have. One of the results of that inequity was an unexpected shortfall in the income collected by Social Security.

Is this a great country or what?


What’s that? I’ve never seriously considered it. I can’t afford to stop working. How about you?

Making news out of nothing

Save me from Fox News.


You don’t even have to know who Kathryn Lopez is to laugh your ass off at this one.

I’m alright

The hardest mile I ever walked/ Was the one I walked away from you.

Kim Richey:

Don’t take your love away



Willie with his song Patsy Cline covered:

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