10,000 suicides tied to recession

How can you be sure, how can you be certain?

Oh, come on! It only has important implications for policymakers if they want to stop them:

The lost jobs, sinking home values and stock market free-fall of the Great Recession led to a significant rise in suicides, according to a new study.

At least 10,000 more Americans and Europeans took their own lives from 2007 to 2010 than during the good economic times of the previous few years, the study found.

“It’s a fairly large and substantial increase over what we would have expected,” said Aaron Reeves, a sociologist and post-doctoral researcher at the University of Oxford in England, who helped lead the research. “There are, broadly speaking, large mental health implications of the economic crisis that are still being felt by many people.”

Suicide rates didn’t climb evenly. In Sweden and Austria, rates remained flat during the Great Recession, although those nations’ economies struggled as much as others did – suggesting that the link between recession and suicide is not inevitable, said David Stuckler, a professor and health economist at Oxford and the paper’s senior author.

“These economic suicides are avoidable,” he said.

Sweden had strong support for people who lost their jobs or were struggling financially, Stuckler said.

This finding has important implications for policymakers, said Abdulrahman El-Sayed, a doctor and assistant professor of epidemiology at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University in New York City.

Time for a conversation about bullshit

Women Internet

Melissa over at Shakesville writes about what it’s like to speak out on the internet about women’s issues:

Women who are mothers gets threats against their children. Women who are abortion doctors get the addresses of their practices, of their homes, published and disseminated. Women are threatened according to their every individual vulnerability, and their vulnerabilities exposed to existent hate groups who might have an interest in hurting them. In any way they can.

Threats of violence. Threats of ruining one’s business. Threats of exposure. Threats to get one fired. Threats to ruin one’s life, in any conceivable manner.

And then we are told not to talk about it. We are told that we empower the people who do this to us. No. NO. Victims do not empower abusers. People who refuse to acknowledge that abuse do. People who tell victims to be silent do.

I am not going to be silent. I am tired of people being surprised. I am tired of hearing “I’m sorry this happens to you.” I don’t want shock and I don’t want pity. 

I want your fucking awareness and I want your fucking anger.

I want us to talk about the real costs of being a woman who does public advocacy. I want us to acknowledge how the costs of providing a safe space is that we stand on the line and absorb massive amounts of abuse. I want us to make noise about the people who create an atmosphere in which women are discouraged from participation.

And I want people to stop telling me to be quiet about it. 

I want this to change. And it is never, ever, going to change if the only place of which it is spoken is between the women to whom it happens.

We talk about it a lot. I talk to the moderators of this space, my friends, about the hatred directed at me, and at them. I talk to my colleagues about the shit I get, about the shit they get, about the shit we see other women getting.

We corral each other when one of us is under attack. We come to each other’s aid, as best we can. We send private messages, asking, “Are you okay?” and offering a sympathetic ear, if they need to talk. 

We talk about it amongst ourselves all the time.

And yet this thing, this shared experience of intimidation and abuse, this life we all live, remains a secret. This campaign of harassment is largely unknown, and it is dismissed out of hand as a “small but vocal group” of disconnected individuals by people who know, but can’t be bothered to care.

It’s treated as immutable, something that just exists in the world and can never be fixed. So let’s not even waste our breath talking about it. Let’s just throw up our hands in defeat.

Fuck. That.

Humor me, defeatists. Let’s give talking about it a try. Let’s push back with all our of might, those of us who are able. Let’s just try it. And then let’s see what happens.

I’m embarrassed to say I’m one of those people who hasn’t spoken out — not much, anyway. Mostly because once you start calling out online assholes for misogynist bullshit, you will never get any sleep. But I should do it more, especially with the impending wave of “progressive” Hillary hate. You don’t have to love her to be revolted by the kind of personal attacks we saw in 2008.

I don’t get them that often, but when I get the misogynist insults in the comments section, I’m going to stop deleting them. I’ll let you all see what kind of vicious comments a woman gets merely for daring to have a differing opinion. (Or being too uppity, or some such shit.) And let’s not separate it from the sexism: You simply do not see male political commentators reduced to whether the commenter thinks they’re fuckable.

How about we all call an asshole an asshole when we see it?

Obfuscate, deny, delay

The one that inspired it all

Mr. Murray is known for being evil in the service of his agenda:

The owner of the largest independent coal producer in the U.S. is threatening to sue the Environmental Protection Agency over its new regulations on carbon emissions from existing coal plants, saying the agency has been lying about the existence of global warming, and that the earth is actually getting colder.

In an extended profile published last month, Murray Energy Corp. founder Robert Murray told WV Executive that the EPA’s claims that climate change exists violates the federal Data Quality Act, which requires agencies to rely on quality, objective information to inform its decisions.
“Under the act, they are obligated to tell the truth, and they are not telling the truth about global warming,” Murray reportedly said. “They are not telling hardly any truth about the science. The earth has actually cooled over the last 17 years, so under the Data Quality Act, they’ve actually been lying about so-called global warming.”

Murray added, “This lawsuit will force them to not just take data from the environmentalists and publish it, as they have been doing, but to review that data and make sure it’s accurate.”

Of course, the EPA does not just take data from environmentalists to inform its position on climate change. A comprehensive analysis of peer-reviewed research shows a 97 percent consensus among scientists that global warming is real and primarily driven by humans. And the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change, a massive global effort to compile and analyze climate research by scientists and experts around the world, found that there is a 95 percent likelihood that human activities drove 74 percent of the observed global warming since 1950.



It might be a good idea to keep mentally ill people from owning guns?

SEATTLE — The man charged with killing one student and wounding two others at a small Seattle college last week had stopped taking his medications because he “wanted to feel the hate,” and he detailed his plans in a handwritten journal for two weeks before the attack, a prosecutor said Tuesday.

“I just want people to die, and I’m gonna die with them!” Aaron Ybarra wrote the day of the shooting, King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg said.

Satterberg released new details of the allegations as he filed charges of first-degree murder, attempted murder and assault against Ybarra, 26. Satterberg is seeking a sentence of life in prison.

Ybarra gave an hour-long police interview after his arrest, saying he didn’t specifically target any of the students but had a “hatred for the world in general,” the probable cause statement said. He told detectives he had been diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder and transient psychosis but had stopped taking his medicine about six months earlier because he wanted to feel his hate, it said.

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