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Christmas power outage

I had no idea such a huge section of the country lost power over Christmas. I guess we should get used to it:

Christmas in the trenches

What the hell kind of blogger am I, that I forgot to run this on Christmas? John McCutcheon:

I want to hold your hand

Released 50 years ago yesterday. God, I’m old:

Why is Red Lobster failing?

Crab fest !

Do you suppose the bad food at high prices has something to do with it? The only thing that’s remotely palatable are the cheese biscuits, and you can find the recipe online.

Camera as brain


I think there’s something to this. I noticed it when my kids were little — instead of documenting every occasion, I concentrated on staying in the moment and soaking in the memories. All the other parents were so busy taking pictures (or videotaping) that they missed the best parts.

I don’t mind taking pictures, but I always took them when we were just hanging out. I wasn’t trying to build a visual record of every milestone.

Not the only one

Bonnie Raitt:

Me and Mrs. Jones

Billy Paul:

Can we still be friends

Todd and Daryl:

Heavenly day

Patty Griffin:

Role model

Pope Francis Facepalms Paul Ryan

Pope Francis shows Democrats how to take back America.

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